30 Cute Baby Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

Most of the baby animals will be cute and adorable. The pink noses, tiny ears, rosy fingers will make them even more lovable. The teeny-tiny bodies are so delicate that we need to take extra care while caring them around. Cute Baby Animals are a reason to smile.

At times, they are cuter and innocent than human. If you are looking for such overloaded cuteness, keep scrolling down. Capturing these adorable moments is a treasure and here are some of such treasures.

30 Cute Baby Animals That Will Make You Go ‘Aww’

1. Kitten

Kittens gain energy by sleeping 18 hours per day and their growth hormones are release while they are sleeping. These cute little kittens will only open their eyes once they are at least 1 week old.

Kittens - cute baby animals

2. Panda

Panda’s are definitely a Cute Baby Animal. It is also the smallest new-born mammal on the planet. Within 2 years Panda bears will leave their mothers and will start being independent.

Panda - cute baby animals

3. Elephant

These cute baby animals of Elephant is about 250 pounds when it is born and it is about 3 feet tall. More than 99% of baby elephants are born during night.

Elephant - cute baby animals

4. Polar Bears

They live in Arctic and have great sense of smell. They have very high level of Vitamin A but close to 90% of them will not survive for more than 3 years.

Polar Bears - cute baby animals

5. Puppies

Puppies can’t see, smell or hear until they are 1 to 2 weeks old. It is important to keep just born puppies with their mother up to 2-3 weeks due to these reasons.

Puppies - cute baby animals

6. Otters

Otters use their dungs to communicate with rest of the otters. They love to have shelled animals and they use rocks as tools to open shells.

Otters - cute baby animals

7. Chameleon

Chameleon eggs will hatch in 4-12 months. They get no support from its mother. It will find its own food, shelter and should escape from predator. Mother’s will take care of the eggs only till it hatches.

Chameleon - cute baby animals

8. Giraffe

Baby Giraffe will start walking after an hour of its birth. Just born baby Giraffe will be about 100- 150 lbs and 6 feet tall. It takes about 4 years for baby Giraffe to turn mature.

Giraffe - cute baby animals

9. Koala

It is one of the cutest teddies that everyone wishes to have. These are mammals found majorly in America and Australia. Only after 22 weeks this mammals can start seeing the world around it.

Koala - cute baby animals

10. Fennec Fox

This small canine is active during night and will sleep in the day time. Long pointed ears make them looks attractive. They always stay in group of 8-10 members and also will hunt as a group. These are real cute baby animals.

Fennec Fox - cute baby animals

11. Platypus

Platypus does not have stomachs. They are most in water than being in land. Their legs will erect with 30% extra energy when they are in land.

Platypus - cute baby animals

12. Penguins

Penguins are definitely cute baby animals; but they turn cuter when they grow old. All penguins are born in white, gray and brown color, the shades changes according to their habitat. Squids and Krill are the main food for baby penguins.

Penguins - cute baby animals

13. Hedgehog

Hedgehogs have a very poor eye sight but they have sharp smell and hearing senses. These are mainly seen in Asia, Africa, Europe and in New Zealand. This falls to the category of insectivores.

Hedgehog - cute baby animals

14. Squirrel

Baby Squirrels are called kittens and they are always born in count of 2 to 8. Their mother’s take care of them up to 2-3 months from the time it was born. Mother’s care is essential for baby squirrels for its survival.

Squirrel - cute baby animals

15. Kangaroo

Baby Kangaroos are called as Joey. They are just less than a gram and just 2cm long when born and would love to be in its mother’s pouch. These will remain in the pouch up to 9 months.

Kangaroo - cute baby animals

16. Cow

Cow babies are born with average 1 ton of weight. This is variable based of its genetic potential, breed and feeding. Cows do not vomit. Also it is not easy for them to climb down stairs as their knees are not flexible.

Cows - cute baby animals

17. Bunny

Bunnies are lagomorph mammals. A male is called as buck and female is doe. Baby rabbits are called as kit or bunnies. Until 4-5 weeks bunnies stay with their mother. Bunnies eyes opens only after 10 days of being born.

Bunnies - cute baby animals

18. Red Panda

Red pandas are omnivores. Don’t get too close with these even when they are young. Red Pandas eat bamboo. Red Panda is not a domestic pet.

Red panda - cute baby animals


19. Sheep

It takes about 5 months for a ewe to give birth. Thus there are chances of having more than one lamb in a year. Baby sheep is called as lamb. Male is called as rams and female is ewe.

Sheep - cute baby animals

20. Hamster

Up to 20 pups are given birth at once by female hamster. Pups are nursed till 3 weeks by its mother. Diluted lukewarm milk is the best food that you can feed these pups until they are grown.

Hamster - cute baby animals

21. Dolphin

Dolphins are intelligent animals. They have a culture and are very caring. 12 months is the gestation period for Dolphins, New born calf will weigh about 110 to 132 centimeters.

Dolphin - cute baby animals

22. ChinChilla

Until they are 4 weeks old, chinchillas are fed with milk. Post this period solid food and hay is given. Chinchillas require a lot of maintenance in the form of proper cage, bedding and clean drinking water. ChinChilla - cute baby animals

23. Chick

You can find cute little chicks in different colors until they are grown. Scientific name of chicks is Gallus gallus domesticus.

Chick - cute baby animals

24. Chipmunk

Chipmunks are small and love to eat fruits, berries, vegetables, nuts, seeds, insects and frogs. It belongs to the squirrel family and hibernates at winter.

Chipmunk - cute baby animals

25. Turtle

Turtle’s eyes are sharp and they can see an extra color which human eyes cannot see. Their hard shell is a shield to protect themselves from predators. Turtle - cute baby animals

26. Deer

Deer babies are called as fawns. It has nearly 300 to 306 spots on its body. Within couple of hours of its birth they will start walking. Deer - cute baby animals

27. Dik Dik

Up to seven months baby Dik Dik stays with its mother. They can run at 26mph speed in zig-zag form and their noise sounds like dik dik. Dik Dik - cute baby animals

28. Duckling

Within 2 months of birth ducklings will start to fly. Their body has a cover which protects them from cold climate and keeps them warm. They are born with eyes open.

Duckling - cute baby animals

29. Miniature Horse

Miniature horses are Cute Baby Animals that will grow up to 90% of its height within the first year it is born. It weigh vary between 15 to 25 pounds.

Miniature Horse - cute baby animals

30. Opossum

Opossums are cute but stay away from them as they will attach when disturbed. It is nearly impossible to see Opossums during the day. Up to several months babies are carried in the mother’s pouch.

Opossum - cute baby animals

These even make us feel that some animals should just remain as babies forever. It’s all about time, kittens take less than a year to grow mature but at the same time Elephants need 20 years+. Baby animals are just like us, they are naïve, curious, playful, big eyed with tiny toes.

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