25 Creative Gallery Wall Ideas to Transform Any Room

Your gallery at home is a place that you would pass every now and then, when accessing any part of your home. Hence, it would be worthwhile to make your gallery wall more interesting, for not only you but for the guests visiting your home as well. Since, this part of your home would be in the lime-light at most times, it cannot be ignored while designing you home. Creative gallery wall ideas listed in this article will help you design your home in a more creative way.

Moreover, these ideas can not only transform your gallery wall but will create magic in every room of your home. Walls are best decorated, otherwise they look extremely dull and boring and fail to contribute towards the charm of your house. While some of the ideas are tried and tested, some are fresh and abstract. Depending on your choice and the look of your house design, you get to take your pick from this article.

25 Creative Gallery Wall Ideas to Transform Any Room

1. Photo collage

This idea can never fail on any wall of your home. However, remember to not crowd every wall with this idea. Photo collage wall decoration looks best in the gallery of your home, where you get to see them more often. Start with a few legendary all-time favorite ones and later add on with newer, more legendary ones, as time passes. This way your photo collage will stay updated.

Photo collage - creative gallery wall ideas

2. Creative Decal styled wall

Decals are a favorite in recent times. They are cheap and artistic at the same time. Decals are available in various prints and designs to suit people of all ages, young or old. All you got to do is take the pain of sticking them up without any air bubbles and they are all set to stay there forever, unless disturbed.

Creative Decal styled wall - creative gallery wall ideas

3. Hand-painted wall

If you are an artist yourself, do not shy away from displaying your skills on the gallery wall. This would be the best DIY décor that your home would have. Make the wall your canvas and paint your thoughts away! Select your best theme and recreate it on your gallery wall. This idea also adds to give that much-required personal touch to your room.

Hand-painted wall - creative gallery wall ideas

4. Collage of your own paintings

If you love to draw, sketch or paint and have got your own collection all framed up in some corner of your house, it is time to get them in lime-light in your gallery wall. Make you home your own art museum and give your guests an opportunity to appreciate your honed skills. This way you also save money on buying arts from commercial artists but still have the best put up in your gallery wall.

Collage of your own paintings - creative gallery wall ideas

5. Polaroid display

If you want your gallery wall to be more laid-back than formal, you can hang the best collection of your polaroid pictures. Suspend them with clippers from a branch or a rod. You can also just haphazardly stick them up in the wall to get a more naturally careless look on your gallery wall.

Polaroid display - creative gallery wall ideas

6. The souvenir wall

If you are regular traveler and love to bring souvenirs from each place you visit, turn your gallery wall to your travel museum. You can either put up a small cabinet to display all your items, or hang them up on the wall from a wooden support, whatever suits your style. This idea will also showcase your traveler side to your house guests.

The souvenir wall - creative gallery wall ideas

7. Vintage items

If you are a collector of vintage items, your gallery wall would be the best place to put them up. You can showcase all your finds in here to turn the boring wall into an attractive one. This wall will take you back centuries and put a small on your face every time you pass it. Every collector love to display their hobbies, and that`s what you would do if you choose to implement this idea.

Vintage items - creative gallery wall ideas

8. Clock wall

If your love for clocks got you purchasing a bunch of hand-picked clocks from different parts of the world, your gallery wall would love to hand them for you. Create a pattern for hanging them all together, and off you go, having the best wall in your house!

Clock wall - creative gallery wall ideas

9. Mirror collection wall

If you love to check yourself out every now and you possess an awesome collection of vintage mirrors, why not put them up in your gallery wall? Every time you would pass through your gallery, you would love the recommendation of this wall décor idea even more!

Mirror collection wall - creative gallery wall ideas

10. White board or a chalk board

If you are philosopher deep down and a writer at heart, you would love to write your snippets and creative creation on a chalk board or a white board. Put up a board on your gallery wall and let your creative juices flow. Why write for yourself, when you can write for everyone who visits your and earn some appreciations as well.

White board or a chalk board - creative gallery wall ideas

11. The quote wall

For all the philosophers of everyday life, you ought to have that wall filled with your favorite quotes, don`t you? Well, the gallery wall should be the chosen spot for this! Print your favorite quotes in the font and color your like and stick them up on the gallery wall to form the quote collage. Make sure, you use a standard font and style, since that looks more organized.

The quote wall - creative gallery wall ideas

12. Plant wall

If you are a wannabe garner but got no balcony or backyard in your apartment, you can create your own garden wall in your gallery wall. Pick up some mason jar and plant some creepers and home plants that will grow only up to a limited height. This unique gallery garden can be the place where you can cultivate your gardening skills.

Plant wall - creative gallery wall ideas

13. Photo canvas wall

Print your family pictures and portraits in canvas instead of framing them and create your very own unique photo gallery in your house. This canvas idea makes the wall look artistic since this isn`t the road that everyone chooses to travel. Photo frames are a thing for everyone, whereas canvases are unique.

Photo canvas wall - creative gallery wall ideas

14. Rustic ideas

If you are not someone for photographs, you can go the rustic way. Iron designs on the gallery wall such this window design can give your home a very different look. The intricate design used in this shows extreme attention to detail.

 Rustic ideas - creative gallery wall ideas

15. Family tree wall

You can make a family tree in your gallery wall with the corresponding pictures to represent the branches of your family. Do remember to keep few extra branches available for any future additions. This can be either painted or can be done with the help of a decal or sticker.

Family tree wall - creative gallery wall ideas

16. Unique showcase for trinkets and showpieces

You can build a customized show case to display all your little trinkets and show pieces in the gallery wall. Many designs of show cases are available like this one, which are fun and nothing close to boring.

Unique showcase for trinkets and showpieces - creative gallery wall ideas

17. Decorative plate collage

There are a lot of decorative plates available that look beautiful when used as wall décor. You are free to put up your hard-earned collection on display on the gallery wall. Choose a pattern for your plate collage and just hang them up, it is as simple as that!

Decorative plate collage - creative gallery wall ideas

18. Book cases

Turn your gallery wall into a book lover`s paradise. Anyone who loves books can see a book case in literally every part of the house. Your gallery wall is also a potential place to display your intellectual collection. Choose from the contemporary space saving cool designs for a book case like this one.

Book cases - creative gallery wall ideas

19. Scrabble your wall

If you are into board games and have grown up playing scrabble, you would love this idea. Pick your favorite quote and words and set them up like in a scrabble board. You can also do this with the names of your family members.

Image result for wall decor ideas

20. Mix and match

If you cannot fix your mind on a single item to choose for your gallery wall, try setting up a wall with all your favorite decorative items. This mix and match idea adds versatility to your wall and gives it a charm of its own.

 Mix and match - creative gallery wall ideas

21. Paper crafts

Paper crafts when put up on gallery walls, look beautiful. You can either do a DIY art at home or buy them ready made. Either ways they can be put up on any wall of your home. The color should be chosen with care depending on the background color of the wall.

Paper crafts - creative gallery wall ideas

22. Carpets as wall hangings

To give your home an oriental or ethnic look, you can hang an embroidered carpet or rug as wall hangings. This gives your home a complete traditional transformation. The carpet size and color should be chosen with care to match the wall.

 Carpets as wall hangings - creative gallery wall ideas

23. Mirror art

Not just a mirror collage or a single mirror, we are talking about a mirror art over here. The mirror itself can be transformed into an artistic object if you would so desire. Mirrors like this one give an intriguing and abstract appearance to the wall.

Mirror art - creative gallery wall ideas

24. Candle stand wall

Build a custom-made candle stand on your gallery wall and put up your favorite scented candles or candle lamps on them. This is a beautiful idea for a gallery wall as it helps light up your home in the very literal sense.

Candle stand wall - creative gallery wall ideas

25. Hanging flower vases

If you love flowers and are of the habit of picking up fresh flowers for your home every other day, this idea would serve you just right. Welcome the nature fragrance in your home and say bye bye to spray room freshners.

Hanging flower vases - creative gallery wall ideas