25 Creative DIY Bookmark Ideas

Creative DIY Bookmarks are a Reader’s dream. Someone with their nose constantly buried in a book or two, knows how valuable bookmarks are. But sadly, the free bookmarks that come with book purchases mostly contain ads which can be very off-putting. Ardent Readers maintain Bookmark collections of the cutest, and most adorable bookmarks they can lay their hands on. If you would like to add some unique bookmarks to your collection, here are 25 Creative DIY Bookmark Ideas that take less time, minimum materials to make, and are guaranteed to be the most fun.

25 Creative DIY Bookmark Ideas

1. Dino Bookmark

To see this cute Dino butt sticking out of your favourite book will make you want to sit down and finish reading it. You only need a paper clip and half a dinosaur butt to make this cute little DIY bookmark.

Dino Bookmark

2. Jewellery Bookmark

Do you have a large collection of junk jewellery that you wouldn’t want to be caught dead in? Use pendants and stones from old jewellery to make this jewellery bookmark that will hang around your books looking pretty.

Jewellery Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

3. Burlap Photo Bookmark

Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to look at photos of yourself, friends, or family while reading a book? Use burlap and photo prints to make these bookmarks and enjoy your precious moments while reading your favourite books.

Burlap Photo Bookmark

4. Elastic Bow Bookmark

You can never lose this bow and elastic band bookmark because it will be stuck tightly to your book. Losing your bookmarks can be really annoying and this one promises to stick with you till the end of your read.

Elastic Bow Bookmark

5. Superhero Bookmark

Draw your favourite superheroes and paint them on craft sticks for a set of superhero bookmarks that’ll save the day for you while you’re immersed in a book or two.

Superhero Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

6. Craft Paper Bookmark

Make colourful bookmarks that you’ll never lose using cardstock, a ruler, and hole punchers. Kids will love these colourful star bookmarks and there’s no limit to how many you can make.

Craft Paper Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

7. Felt Corner Bookmark

Felt Corner Bookmarks look and feel amazing on your pages. Simply sew pieces of felt to interesting shapes as page corner bookmarks and watch how your excitement peaks when you open the page to read.

Felt Corner Bookmark

8. Photo Tassel Bookmark

If you have kids, they will look this funny DIY bookmark idea where you make them strike funny poses and then attach tassels to the prints to make bookmarks. Have fun making crazy ones.

Photo Tassel Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

9. Dress Bookmark

If you love pretty dresses, then you’ll love making these dress bookmarks with elastic bands. Choose unique colours and patterns and dress your books in the prettiest outfits.

Dress Bookmark

10. Grumpy Cat Bookmark

Wouldn’t you like this Grumpy Cat guarding your books against annoying humans? Make this grumpy cat bookmark in a jiffy and maybe gift it to someone who hates being disturbed when they read.

Grumpy Cat Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

11. Tassel Bookmark

Print out your favourite patterns on cards and make these tassel bookmarks fast. All you need to do is punch holes in the printed cards and add yarn tassels to them. Prints on bookmarks look very attractive. You might just end up making a ton of these and have no regrets.

Tassel Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

12. Fox Bookmark

Have this cute little fox peeping out of your books. You can either draw and paint in this fox or print it out. Either way, this fox bookmark is an adorable DIY.

Fox Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

13. Cat Bookmark

Draw in and cut out these cute kitties using a sharpie and have them peek out of your books. These cat bookmarks will be ready in no time and are very easy to make.

Cat Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

14. Watercolour Bookmark

Watercolour and pretty fonts look amazing together. Have your way with watercolour splashes and find amazing fonts to write a few, nice words with. You can never have enough of these.

Watercolour Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

15. Yarn Ball Bookmark

Little colourful pom-poms in your books. What a delightful sight that would be. You can add these pom-pom DIY bookmarks to your entire library and stare at them all day long. Choose Yarns in the most striking colours and let them cheer you on until you get to the last page in your book.

Yarn Ball Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

16. Crochet Bookmark

This beautiful crochet bookmark is a must for your collection. Make a simple knit pattern or if you’re feeling a bit more artsy, you can choose to make an intricate pattern. Whatever you do, give this DIY a try.

Crochet Bookmark

17. Cardboard Owl Bookmark

Make these owl bookmarks and clip them on top of pages. These cute pink owls are made with cardboard and will be nicely, waiting for you to pick up your book and continue reading to glory.

Cardboard Owl Bookmark

18. Bowtie Paper Clip Bookmark

These bowtie paper clip bookmarks are small, easily made, and really pretty to look at. You can use ribbons in lots of different colours to make a whole bunch of these beauties.

Bowtie Paper Clip Bookmark

19. Quote Bookmark

Quotes are the best things to go on bookmarks. Choose a funny, quirky, witty, or super smart quote to up your reading game another notch. Print quotes in a good font and colour on card paper and use ribbons to go with it.

Quote Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

20. Paper Monster Bookmark

Bookmarks as page corners are the most useful since you can turn pages very easily with them. Make these cute page corner paper monster bookmarks for yourself or give it away to your kids as a gift. They will be delighted!

Paper Monster Bookmark - creative diy bookmark ideas

21. Unicorn Bookmark

Draw out a unicorn on paper or card and laminate it. Add some colourful tassel and your unicorn bookmark is ready to spread its magic to your late-night reading sessions.

Unicorn Bookmark

22. Finding Dory Bookmark

Draw Nemo, Dory, and their adventure on a Bookmark using sequins, stickers, and scrapbook paper. You will love the company of Nemo and friends on your reading journey as much as you will love making these amazing bookmarks.

Finding Dory Bookmark

23. Handprint Flower Bookmark

Making these pretty handprint flower bookmarks will have the kids excited to spend happy hours making them. You will need sticky sticks and craft foam to make these hand-flower bookmarks along with lots of paint, glue, and markers, of course.

Finding Dory Bookmark

24. Bookmark Gift Pack

Do you want to gift handmade bookmarks to a bookworm? Make this set of hand-drawn/hand-painted bookmarks and give it away to a delighted reader. You can choose any pattern and colours you like. Draw with a pen or paint on bookmark-shaped cards. Finally, bundle them together with a ribbon and give them away as a present.

Bookmark Gift Pack - creative diy bookmark ideas

25. Bookworm Bookmark

Make this little bookworm bookmark to accompany you while you read and to remind you that he’s always there with you while you worm your way from one book to the other.

Bookworm Bookmark



So, there you have it! 25 Creative DIY Bookmark Ideas. For regular readers, incorporating one or all of these ideas to make a huge collection of the most amazing bookmarks is the best way to spend your holidays or otherwise.