25+ Crazy 3D Tattoos That Will Twist Your Mind


Tattoos have always been a craze for teens and adults. You can be taken to the next level with some Crazy 3D Tattoos that will twist your mind. The blend of art, creativity, and meaning to the tattoo make it interesting and unique. Shades in tattoos are used to depict 3D look on your skin. If you are getting a permanent tattoo done to your skin then here are some mind twisting 3D designs that only an expert can carve on you. Tattoos are used to sketch art on our body. If you are looking for Crazy 3D Tattoos that will twist your mind, then your search ends here. Get creative designed ideas now at finger-tip and make them yours right away.

25+ Crazy 3D Tattoos That Will Twist Your Mind

1.3D Butterfly

The 3D butterfly design tattoo will make it look like a colorful butterfly on your sing which is ready to fly. Your mind should be such that it’s always ready to take challenges and explore adventures.

3D Butterfly2. RIP tattoo

Do good to everyone and stay good in life. At the end, all we need is to Rest in Peace. The RIP tattoo on you will trigger your mind to know what you are.

RIP tattoo3. A walk to remember

Crave the special moment of your life into a 3D tattoo. Whether it is a walk on the beach holding hand in hand, a trip to your favorite destination or event that plays an important role in your life. You can bring life to the tattoo by making it a 3D tattoo.

A walk to remember4. Zip your arm

Get a 3D zip on your arm with some crazy shades. This gives the look of you are trying to hide something within your arm.

Zip your arm5. Is that a globe or compass?

Those who love to travel can carve images of travel destinations, globe or compass. This helps in depicting their travel dream and add to your life’s meaning.

Is that a globe or compass?6. Carry pen everywhere

So you like to write? Do you need a pen? Tattoo it on you and let the world know your pen name. A pen name along with a pen can complete the author or poet in you.

Carry pen everywhere7. See-through 3D tattoo

Just like see-through watches, see-through tattoos have always been eye-catchy. They offer unique, stunning and trendy look for a lifetime.

See-through 3D tattoo

8.3D designer art

Cut work design fabrics are an inspiration for such 3D designer art tattoos. These are very inspirational for creative designers, fashion designers and even art lovers. They can make Crazy 3D Tattoos that will twist your mind.

3D designer art

9. Annabelle

If you want to be different with a doll face of Annabelle, it definitely adds shades of originality with a 3D tattoo.


10. Love Star

Love dwells in all of us and it is something that will remain forever. Tattoos are meant to depict your love for something. Love star is one such option that can be used.

Love Star

11. Brick wall head

the head is one of the common places to crave your tattoos. It is something that will be seen and you can use hair to make it look more attractive. Brick walls, bleeding hair, music, nails are some of the common tattoos for the head.

Brick wall head

12. String of Guitar

Strings of music can linger all over your body and soul; Weave the guitar strings together to showcase the musician in you. Music is everyone’s favorite; you need not be a musician to have this tattoo on you.

String of Guitar

13. Leg Bows

Cute tiny bows in some fancy colors will make it look like an anklet around your leg. It is important to get them with a 3D effect to give it a realistic and classy look.

Leg Bows

14.3D eye on neck

Eye on neck tattoo is not very common. And only a few find it really cool. But they hold a lot of meaning and it is one of the favorites of tattoo artists.

3D eye on neck

15. Fix the puzzle

Life is a puzzle, fixing it at the right time in the right way make it a tattoo with life. Carve 3D puzzle blocks with some bright colors in it.

Fix the puzzle

16. He or she

Being human is important than being gender biased. This can be depicted in SUCH a crazy 3D tattoo.

He or she

17. Bee to be

 Insects are all time favorite tattoos that make have on their skin. With the 3D effect, it will look lively and you can even end up fooling people around you.

Bee to be

18. Red Spider man

The web and red spider will good classy and attractive when it is on arm, neck area, and biceps.

Red Spider man

19. Baby in arm

Cute baby tattoo of arms and stomach will look great. Some tattoo this one stomach to cover up stretch marks as well.

Baby in arm

20. A tear to drop

Empathy can be drawn with such tattoos. These are not very common, but some prefer having something like these. It helps in valuing the life and blessing we have.

A tear to drop

21. Nailed it

Nails depict pain, hurt and struggle. 3D tattoos of nails are done on different parts of the body. These are Crazy 3D Tattoos that will twist your mind.

Nailed it-Crazy 3D Tattoos

22. Life

Tattoos are the best way to carve our life on our body. It can depict your love, pain and even blessings.

Life -Crazy 3D Tattoos

23. Always young at heart

Baby photos, your youth images are carved by the talented tattoo artist. This will make you look always young at heart.

Always young at heart-Crazy 3D Tattoos

24. Go green

Take the help of 3D tattoo to sketch out some greenery and environment-friendly sketch and promote Go Green.

Go green-Crazy 3D Tattoos

25. Fight and believe

It’s the attitude that matters and you can showcase it via a 3D tattoo. It can draw attention and will leave a mark in others mind.

Fight and believe-Crazy 3D Tattoos

The tattoo is a mirror to your mind. What you are can be put into a tattoo form by an expert tattoo artist. It is essential to make sure your idea is carve bit by bit without losing the meaning of it. Creating photo-realistic illusions and weaving the art into a meaning tattoos needs a lot of determination, creativity, and patience. Only a tattoo artist will be able to offer this to the client.

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