Courtney Stodden Net Worth 2018 – How much is Courtney Stodden Net Worth?

Courtney Stodden net worth is thousands of dollars. Loving and admiring someone means knowing everyone about him or her. That is the main reason why many people like to find out more about their stars. Courtney Stodden is a female celebrity who is genuinely admired and adored by many people. Her popularity has made numerous questions rise in her fans mind about her personal life, career, and net worth. That is why this article will make all the relevant information about this public figure known by all her fans. A few lines from here, we will unveil Courtney Stodden net worth and how she amassed the amount.

Courtney Stodden Net Worth 2018

Courtney Stodden Net Worth 2018 - Courtney Stodden Net Worth

Courtney Stodden officially known as Courtney Alexis Stodden is a famous actress, singer, songwriter, model and reality show contestant. This American celebrity is also a state spokesperson for an organization involved in animal rights, PETA. Stodden is best known for her romantic relationship with an actor, Doug Hutchison who was 50 years of age while she was still sixteen. Her marriage to this famous actor in 2011 boosted her popularity since the media seriously covered her. That resulted in her sudden appearance in different reality shows. These shows include Celebrity Big Brother and Couples Therapy.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki

Courtney Alexis Stodden was born in 1994, 29th August. Her place of birth is Tacoma, Washington, United States of America. Her mother and father are Krista Kay Keller and Alex John Stodden respectively. Courtney was raised together with her two siblings Brittany and Ashley. They grew up in Ocean Shores, Washington and she has publicly mentioned that her early life was super awesome since he patents nicely spoilt them.

In 2011, she ended her schooling after being bullied by other students because of her looks. After quitting school, Stodden continued her studies at home where she received online studies. She is a vegetarian since she has never felt right eating and hurting animals. This belief has made this celebrity promote animals’ conservation. Stodden has undergone a breast surgery to make her boobs bigger in size.

Courtney Stodden at 16 started dating 50 years old actor Doug Hutchison through the internet. At this time, Doug was not aware of Stodden’s age. After four to six months of dating, the couple decided to meet in person, and by then they were in love. Knowing the age difference, Doug consulted Stodden’s parents who agreed that their daughter had a right to make her own decisions. In 2011, 20th May the couple got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stodden became Doug’s third wife. The couple receives critics from people due to their age difference and Doug had things tough since his career deteriorated and his whole family disowned them.

After two years of marriage, the couple signed legal separation documents. Their first child was to come in late 2016, but Stodden suffered a miscarriage. Later they reconciled and renewed their wedding vows in 2016, 20th May. In 2017, things became hard for the couple, and they separated. Recently in 2018, March Stodden filed for a divorce where it is awaiting processing as of now.

How much is Courtney Net Worth? How much is her income?

How much is Courtney Net Worth? How much is her income? - Courtney Stodden Net Worth

Courtney Stodden net worth is 500 thousand dollars. Stodden has earned through her hard work in television shows, modeling, acting and recording artist. With all the work done above, 500 thousand dollars is a possible amount under her name. This article will openly discuss how this 23-year-old star has amassed her net worth and when. Read on to find out.

How did Courtney Stodden amass her wealth?

How did Courtney Stodden amass her wealth?

Stodden kicked off as a modeling contestant in a beauty contest, the Miss Teen Washington USA. That took place in 2010. It became a stepping stone for her modeling career. Krista Stodden, her mother, started managing Courtney in her career. However, this did not last for long since Krista quit had her daughter’s manager back in 2015.

After this incident, Courtney career’s current manager is her ex-husband, Doug Hutchison. Courtney and Doug appeared in a reality show, Couples Therapy in 2012. The couple said that the core reason they gave into this show was to solve their marriage issues. The show therapist, Dr. John Berman presented Doug as a no predator who loves spending time with young girls as people concluded. The doctor explained that this was merely a genuine love affair. She also appeared in Celebrity Big Brothers but didn’t reach to the final episode due to vote issues.

In 2014, Stodden appeared in a music video by 50 Cent on 18th March. In the same year, on August, Courtney appeared in another reality series which is Hollywood Hillbillies. On the 14th March 2015, Stodden made a sex tape and mentioned that every dollar from the sex tape would be towards charity work. Later that year in August, Stodden made a deal with an entertainment company, Rich Kid Mafia.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - Courtney Stodden net worth

Courtney Stodden has achieved a lot in the entertainment industry and has managed to get herself into state fame at a young age. She has received all kinds of critics in her celebrity life but has opted to turn a deaf ear to all the crap and move forward. She has contributed to the filming and fashion industry by being active in modeling and acting.

Stodden became Miss Ocean Shores back in 2009 and had also won herself a Chelsea award in the Hollywood Babble. Courtney Stodden net worth will become better since she is an outstanding artist in the entertainment world.

Ten things you need to know about Courtney Stodden

1. Courtney Stodden is a 23 old celebrity with a net worth of 500 thousand dollars.

2. She is best known for getting married to a 50-year-old actor Doug when she was sixteen.

3. Her relationship with Doug Hutchison kicked off on the internet.

4. She has appeared in popular reality shows such as Couples Therapy and Celebrity big brother.

5. Doug and Stodden received critics from people due to their age difference.

6. Doug married Stodden as her third wife.

7. In 2016, Courtney got a miscarriage, and she lost her first child.

8.She has been active in the celebrity world for over five years and has recorded high level of success.

9. Courtney is a well-known vegetarian who believes in the well being of animals.

10. Stodden and Doug’s divorce is currently awaiting processing after she filed for the divorce in March this year.

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