15 Cool Tables that Will Take Your Interior to the Next Level

Tables are an important element in interior designing. Tables are of various types and are omnipresent in our homes. From coffee table, study table to dining table, they are just everywhere! Such an important piece of furniture deserves some modernization. So, do not settle with the “same old” tables like everyone else. Bring in a table revolution in your interior designing. Incorporate some cool tables in your house that will add some spark to your fashionable interiors.

Interior design of your house presents your taste and class to the people who visit your home. Then why would you want the furniture in your house portray a boring you, when you are a cool person and not a boring one. Given below is a list of cool tables that you must look out for, the next time you go furniture shopping. Don`t fall in line with the age-old furniture patterns. Choose the kind of furniture that suits your lifestyle.

15 Cool Tables that Will Take Your Interior to the Next Level

Step-up your interior game with these cool table ideas

1. Tree-branch table

Get nature to your home. This tree branch coffee/center table would prove to be a perfect addition to your living room. Place it right at the center amongst your couches and see how it naturally increases the aesthetic value of your living room. This table is unique, cool an d minimalistic. It will also occupy very less space in your home.

Tree-branch table


2. Chessboard table

If you love to indulge in playing chess, then this table must sure find a permanent spot in your house. Even if you are not champion in this game, it sure will add class to your home. The chess tables look super cool as furniture pieces. Coffee table or the entire dining table, the chess print can go everywhere.

Chessboard table


3. Card table

House of cards my not be your favorite TV show, but this table is sure to turn on the coolness quotient in your house. It would suit perfectly in your living room. This uniquely designed table does all the work a normal table does with the added job of looking cool!

 Card table


4. Table for automobile freaks

Are you an automobile fanatic and day-dream of buying that luxury car? Then this cool table will surely make way to your house. While the luxury car is still unaffordable its alloy wheels can come cheaper under your glass top table. This way, you will always have eyes on your goal of buying that luxury car, till then just chill with is table.

Table for automobile freaks


5. Gadget freak table

For apple products fanatics, this is the perfect cool table for you. It can`t get any cooler than this! This ipod table is shaped just like an ipod and can be a very unique piece of furniture that you own. Calling out to all the gadget freaks out there, take this home and surprise your guests!

Gadget freak table


6. Multi seater table

This piece of furniture would be the perfect inclusion in your backyard or patio. The seats come attached to the cool table and make it cooler. It is also a space saving seating idea for small spaced homes.

Multi seater table


7. Convertible dining cum game table

If you haven`t got enough space to include a pool table, do not worry, for we present to you this convertible dining cum game table. Just turn it over and it serves it purpose. This cool table can also be called a smart table since it is saving so much space in your house while being multipurpose at the same time. No more going to the gaming-zone to play pool since you can invite your buddies home now!

Convertible dining cum game table


8. Smart side table

When you got no room to place side tables around your sofa, you get these arm-rest tables. They serve the purpose and take no floor space at all. This piece of smart furniture is really cool and affordable as well. They are sure to impress your guests!

Smart side table


9. Pet friendly table

If you are a pet lover and got a few of your own, you would love this cool table design. This hammock coffee table are perfect recreation that you can offer your pets. While you sip your coffee, your pets can enjoy some cozy time in the hammock placed beneath it. They would surely love you for gifting this cool table to them!

Pet friendly table

10. Swing table

If dining on the same old dining table bores you, then you should definitely swap this swing table with it. This would be the perfect gift to the kids in the house, who are sure to jump with joy on its installation. This can win the title of the “coolest dining table” hands down and you can pamper yourself silly, every time you sit on it.

Swing table


11. Library table

This cool table accommodates all the books that you wish to read while sipping your coffee. It is as multitasking as it can get. It easily fits in your hope and saves the space of a book shelf as well. Book worms would love to buy this cool table and flaunt it in front of their guests with pride.

Library table


12. Coffee wine table

Wine lovers would welcome this cool table home. It helps them showcase their wine as well as store their bottles from their collection. This multipurpose table is a bar-coffee-table. This can serve you both coffee and wine according to your changing moods.

Coffee wine table


13. Chalkboard coffee table

This would a kid`s delight. If you fear your kids` scribbling on the walls of your home, you need to buy this coffee table to kill your worries. This way, both you and your kids will stay happy and creative. This cool table is a work of art that allows art on itself too!

Chalkboard coffee table-Cool Tables


14. Coffee table cum aquarium

Let the aquarium in your house take up no extra space and just sit under your coffee table at home. It also does the job of soothing your eyes while you take a refreshing swig at your coffee cup. This cool table teaches you the principles of space saving alright!

Coffee table cum aquarium-Cool Tables


15. Foosball coffee table

If you run to the foosball table with your friends in every bar and dream to bring one home someday, this cool table answers your prayers. This mini foosball table will give you all the thrill that you get playing in the big one. It does not occupy too much space and serves the dual purpose of a coffee table as well. What more can you ask for!

Foosball coffee table-Cool Tables