30 Fun and Practical DIY Coffee Mugs Storage Ideas for your Home

A coffee lover knows and understands the pangs of separation felt when you don’t put your hands on the first morning cup. For someone who has begun their best days with a steaming, strong cup of brew; know how important it is to have beautiful mugs that you can never let go of. Ordinary cups and mugs don’t do justice to coffee. Serious coffee lovers who love collecting mugs in beautiful colours and designs need a way to safely store away every single one of them and ensure they don’t come in the way of getting damaged or broken.

If you have a lot of expensive, high quality coffee mugs that you would like to show your guests, friends, or family without fetching them out of hard-to-reach places in your kitchen; consider trying your hand at making one of these 30 Fun and Practical DIY Coffee Mugs Storage Ideas for your Home that you can’t resist admiring. These ideas will not consume time, effort, or resources; but will result in the most amazing storage masterpieces for your kitchen or living room.

30 Fun and Practical DIY Coffee Mugs Storage Ideas for your Home

1. Coffee Bar

Coffee Bar

Do you take your coffee very seriously? Why not have a Coffee Bar station in your kitchen with a cabinet where you can show off your coffee mug collection.

2. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

 Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Take a wooden pallet and screw in hooks to dangle all your favourite coffee mugs and never let them out of your sight ever again.

3. Underbelly Hooks

Underbelly Hooks

Now safely stow away your coffee mugs by screwing in hooks in the underbelly of your kitchen cabinet.

4. Wooden Coffee Mug Rack

Wooden Coffee Mug Rack


Make a wooden rack and fix it under your kitchen cabinet as an innovative way to reach out for your cuppa.

5. Coffee Cups Waterfall

 Coffee Cups Waterfall


Now this is one hell of a way to both store and display your coffee mug collection in the form of a cascading waterfall made of strings.

6. Vertical Shelves

Vertical Shelves

If you have too many coffee mugs in danger of falling and breaking to bits, make safe places for them while putting vertical spaces to good use.

7. Mug Organiser

Mug Organiser

This Industrial Countertop Mug Organizer is the answer to your coffee prayers. Neatly wash and dangle all your coffee mugs.

8. Spoon Pallet Coffee Mug Holder

Instead of screwing in boring hooks, use spoons on a wooden pallet to hang all your coffee mugs with ease.

Spoon Pallet Coffee Mug Holder

9. Mug Pyramid

Mug Pyramid

Install this mug pyramid for a cool way to display your beautiful collection and to easily access each.

10. Linear Coffee Mug Rack

Linear Coffee Mug Rack

This linear coffee mug rack makes excellent kitchen storage décor with its rustic charm and ease of access.

11. Bookshelf turned Coffee Mug Shelf

Bookshelf turned Coffee Mug Shelf

Instead of discarding old bookshelves, turn them into a mug-shelf cum coffee station by repainting it and accommodating all your mugs along with cute Coffee accessories.

12. Drawer turned Coffee Shelf

Bookshelf turned Coffee Mug ShelfIf you have old drawers that no longer serve their purpose, make them safe havens for storing your precious mugs by turning them into these rustic mug shelves.

13. Pegboard Mug Hanger


Pegboard Mug Hanger


This dotted pegboard mug hanger with accompanying word art will look beautiful on your wall and is a safe way to store your coffee mugs.

14. Exclusive Holder

Let everyone who comes into your kitchen know not to pick one of your prized coffee mugs with this exclusive mug holder made with a board and paint pen.

Exclusive Holder

15. Wall-Mounted Pipe Cup Holders

Wall-Mounted Pipe Cup Holders


Fix Rails and Hooks on a Wall to safely hang all your mugs on a plain wall. Wise use of spaces and the best way to store a lot of coffee mugs.

16. Another Wooden Pegboard Coffee Rack

Colourful Coffee Rack


This wooden rack with pegboards is simple, neat, and an efficient way to utilise plain wall space for carefully hanging delicate coffee mugs.

17. Colourful Coffee Rack

Colourful Coffee Rack


Make good use of a white shelf by using brightly coloured coffee mugs and accessories to make a colourful eye-catching coffee shelf.

18. Home Bride Café

Home Bride Café


Make this beautiful white bride coffee bar in your house that nobody can resist going over for a cuppa now and then.

19. Coffee Mug Tree

Coffee Mug Tree


This cute little coffee mug tree is perfect for placing on your kitchen counter and is made with a Concrete Base and Dowels.

20. Chalkboard Coffee Station

Chalkboard Coffee Station


Fix stained shelves on a large chalkboard and make a complete coffee shop style station for storing your coffee mug collection along with other accessories.

21. Rolling Coffee Cart

Make this movable coffee station on wheels for you to summon your coffee and mugs wherever you like.

Rolling Coffee Cart

22. Grey Coffee Bar Idea

Here’s another coffee bar idea in shades of grey with a chalkboard and tons of space to store your coffee mugs.

Grey Coffee Bar Idea:


23. Optimized Coffee Bar

Optimized Coffee Bar


Make good use of cramped spaces to make mini coffee stations for neatly organising your mugs and to keep your coffee machine and accessories.

24. Mug Collection wall of Art:

Mug Collection wall of Art:

If you’re a mug collector, you’ll want everyone to look at your precious collectibles in the best way possible. This coffee mug display wall is for showing off your beauties like an art work.

25. Coffee Mugs Tower

Coffee Mugs Tower

This is another terrific idea to display your coffee mugs like a work of art. Best suited for parties and social gatherings.

26. Metal Tree Branches Mug Holder

Metal Tree Branches Mug Holder

This natural looking metal tree mug storage is mounted on a wall to make for an attractive wall décor cum mug storage.

27. Cabinet Door

Cabinet Door

Turn a cabinet door into this cute little coffee mug holder which is a good way to make use of a small space and to upcycle a good old cabinet door.

28. Wire Spool Mug Rack

Cabinet Door

Take circular pieces on a peg to make a kind of wooden station and add hooks to hang your cups. Additionally, take a small wire spool to place on top and you have the perfect coffee mug holder for your kitchen counter.

29. Mug Carousel

 Mug Carousel

When your kitchen is filled with a lot of items, it can be hard to store mugs. Make this small carousel on the kitchen counter and easily access your mugs every morning.

30. Tray Mug Holder

Add trays to cabinets for holding your coffee mugs in a neat and organized manner. Trays have a lot of space. This is a brilliant way to utilize old tea trays.

Tray Mug Holder

Each one of these DIY Coffee Mug Storage Ideas are brilliant and will effectively utilize every inch of space on your wall or kitchen while displaying your favourite coffee for you and everyone else to admire.

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