Top 15 Clearest Waters Around the World

Today, when water pollution is on its peak getting a view of the clearest water, have become rare. Generally, people go to beaches, riversides and similar places to see the clearest waters but hardly find them. Believe it or not, it’s we who create a messy environment in the seas and oceans and then seek for clear water. But there are still few places left on the earth where one can find the clearest water.

Here we have tried to compile a list of top 15 clearest waters found in different parts of the world. So if you are also willing to spend some time in the clear water take a heed to this piece of content and plan your next vacation. To get those special vibes and the feel of fresh and clear water these places could make you escalated with happiness and contentment. So check them out and get enlightened.

Top 15 Clearest Waters Around the World

1. Crater Lake

With the history of being formed when a volcano got collapsed, the Carter Lake located at Oregon is called as the best comprising the clearest water. It is also called as Old Man Lake as it was formed millions of years ago. If you got the chance to visit don’t forget to see the Crater Lake.

Crater Lake - clearest waters

2. Cayos Chocinos

Located at Honduras the Cayos Chocinos is one of the finest place which is still not manipulated by human activities. Since there are no roads and one has to hike many miles to reach this place is still fresh and encompasses the clearest water. The clear water of the place is an adobe to many aquatic lives. Cayos Chocinos - clearest waters

3. Rio Azul

Rio Azul is indeed the best example of clearest water which is located in Argentina and makes the country worth visiting. The water of the place is so clean and clear that you won’t even hesitate for a second to take your straw out and drink it. Due to the Andes Mountains by the side, all the snow get melted into this river which adds to the quality of the water. Rio Azul - clearest waters

4. Isla Holbox

It is located in Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula and provides a clear view of the marine life inside. The clear water of the beach is so clean that even the white sand could be seen with the naked eyes. Isla Holbox is indeed one of the clearest waters of the world.

Isla Holbox - clearest waters

5. Sardinia

Sardinia also comprises clearest waters which is located in Italy and is one of the most beautiful islands. The sandy beaches with its clean and clear water make it worth to visit and enjoy the nature.

Sardinia - clearest waters

6. Maldives

Maldives is one of the most vital tourist destinations. And with its clearest waters in the beaches, it has become the most appealing for foreign tourists as well. From the screen environment to the lovely beaches almost everything about Maldives is worth appreciating.

Maldives - clearest waters

7. Wineglass Bay

The Wineglass Bay is located in Australia on its Gold Coast and encompasses crystal clear water in its beaches. The Gold coast is also known well for its amazing beaches and the life there.

Wineglass Bay - clearest waters

8. Bodrum

If you are in Turkey and wish to visit a place which comprises clearest water then Bodrum is your place. Being an ancient city the place not only showcases the ancient life of the country but also give you chance to see the clean and clear water.

Bodrum - clearest waters

9. Playa Blanca

A place worth to visit in Colombia is the Playa Blanca. Not only because it has amazing beaches but also for the clearest water. The clear water of the place gets it named as the white beach. Since one can easily see the white sand and the green and blue colors of the ocean this place should not be missed at any cost.

Playa Blanca - clearest waters

10. Linapacan

From unsullied beaches to the clearest water, the Linapacan situated at the Philippines will take you to the journey of soothing worth cherishing for a lifetime. It is a small island but comprises some of the best views of water and surroundings.

 Linapacan - clearest waters

11. Peyto Lake

When we talk about the clearest water, the name of Peyto Lake cannot be subsided at any cost. Located in Canada the Peyto Lake is not just known for having the clearest water but also for being one of the most photogenic lakes in the world. All thanks to its crystal clear water below which there lies the glacial rocks enhancing the beauty of the lake as a whole.

 Peyto Lake - clearest waters

12. Pupu Springs

With the capacity to dump around 14000 liters of water every minute this Pupu springs are located on the south island of New Zealand. Being extremely clean and considered as the clearest water it is believed to have the healing capacity.

Pupu Springs - clearest waters

13. Marsa Matrouh

From its mesmerizing views to breathtaking surroundings the Marsa Matrouh located at Egypt is one of the best places to make a visit. The calmness of the water and its crystal clear appearance elevated the worth of the pace manifolds.

Marsa Matrouh - clearest waters

14. Belo Sur Mer

One of the places at Madagascar reputed for comprising the clearest water is Belo Sur Mer. One can reach Belo Sur Mer which is an island by boat easily and get a closer view of the clean and clear water present there.

Belo Sur Mer - clearest waters

15. Valle Verzasca

Switzerland is not only famous for its attractive locations and serene beauty but also for Valle Verzasca. Since the waterway of the place is extremely clear it has become a favorite place for the scuba divers. This pace is indeed one of the best for having the clearest waters in the world.

Valle Verzasca - clearest waters


No matter what your gender is and from where you belong, clear water is something which makes everyone feels elated. So what is your plan in the coming vacation? Pack your bag and head towards these places which can showcase you clearest water in today’s date.

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