Top 10 Christmas Wrapping Papers In 2018

The art of gift wrapping originates from the ancient civilization, it is recorded in history in ancient Chinese civilization at around 2nd century BC. The idea around gift wrapping has been attributed to the element of surprise, it is true that most of us get the feeling of anticipation and curiosity when we receive a wrapped gift. Wrapping is a form of presentation which yields the feeling of appreciation even before we unwrap the gift as it tends to show that the gift giver is a kind and a generous person.

Gift wrapping has been attributed to adding a personal touch to the present which shows that one puts their heart at every step of the gifting process. Wrappers come in different sizes, patterns, colors and textures which can be manipulated to show different emotions and personalities. Choosing the perfect Christmas wrapping paper is so tedious and time-consuming since most of us deal with so many gifts to be wrapped at once. It is advisable to choose from different patterns, colors, and shapes which represent the festive spirit that comes with Christmas. The following list gives the ideas available on Amazon which you might consider this coming Christmas holiday.

Top 10 Christmas Wrapping Papers In 2018

10. Jam Paper Christmas Wrapping Design Paper

Jam Paper Christmas Wrapping Design Paper

Jam paper has realized new colorful cartoony wrapping papers for this holiday which are thick suitable for wrapping delicate gifts their bright colors, red, green and white are suitable for Christmas. They are available on Amazon at $14 only and can be shipped to America at a cheaper cost.

9. Pack Crimped Curling Ribbon Colorful Assorted Wrappers

Pack Crimped Curling Ribbon Colorful Assorted Wrappers

Packed Crimped rolls bundles come in 6 rolls of fun vividly colored wrap of about 180sq. feet with colorful designs to make your gift look very beautiful. They are made from easily decomposable paper which ensures minimum pollution of the environment thus suitable for wrapping this Christmas season.

8. Hallmark Christmas Reversible Wrapping Paper

Hallmark Christmas Reversible Wrapping Paper

There is no better way to add fun to a gift than with a double-sided wrapping paper that shows different designs on different sides, Hallmark has wrappers for all different sizes of gifts since the wrapper can be cut into various sizes making it suitable for wrapping all gifts. The wrappers are printed with favorite cartoon characters like the superhero, star wars and many more, available on Amazon at $12 only.

7. Hanukkah Gift Wrap in Assorted Designs

Hanukkah Gift Wrap in Assorted Designs

Hanukkah wrappers come in different shades of blue made from assorted thick Jewish Holiday Wrap. Each roll measures around 50 sq. feet. The best thing about this wrapper is that it has guidelines on the backside which allows for ease and even cutting thus preventing wastage that arises from uneven cuts.

6. Caspari Collections

Caspari Collections

Caspari wrapping papers are inspired by art from museum collections, they are made from sustainable papers which decompose easily. They are fine quality rolls free from creases as there is no folding involved. On Amazon the wrappers are available only at a price of$ 12.9, these wrappers made for the Christmas season are decorated with pictures of cats and dogs thus making them perfect for wrapping presents for dog lovers.

5. Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts

Jill Roberts manufactures modern wrappers with a touch of traditional elements as well as classic ones with a little bent of modern touch. This avails a range of variety to choose from no matter how your definition of a perfect holiday is, the wrapping are 100% recyclable once used it is advisable to surrender it back for recycling, and thus environmental pollution is minimized. So why not wrap your present with a beautiful Jill Roberts wrapper with cherry holiday messages at a cheap price of $20 and take care of the environment while doing so.

4. Classic Plaid Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap-72sq. feet

Classic Plaid Jumbo Rolled Gift Wrap-72sq. feet - Christmas wrapping papers

The classic plaid jumbo is a giant roll measuring about 72sq.feet, going only for $11.9, it is the heavy boutique quality paper which is so thick that its contents become well wrapped. The plaid pattern originates from Ireland and thus would be used as a celebration of the Irish culture and traditions. Currently Amazon is offering an offer if you buy more than two wrappers you will get a discount and everybody loves discounts right?

3. Red plain Kraft Jumbo roll gift wap-72sq ft

Red plain Kraft Jumbo roll gift wap-72sq ft - Christmas wrapping papers

Red Kraft is heavy wrapper useful in wrapping delicate and heavy items, characterized by plain red color which actually is one of the theme Christmas colors. Currently there is on offer on Amazon if you order 2 or more rolls, this should be an encouragement to buy this Christmas wrapper to enjoy the offer while it lasts as one piece just goes for $11

2. HUNTER GREEN Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper-16 Foot Roll

HUNTER GREEN Gift Wrap Wrapping Paper-16 Foot Roll - Christmas wrapping papers

This wrapper passes as a perfect Christmas wrapper due to its plain green color which basically is the Christmas theme colors. It is often classified as a commercial soft wrapping paper with a soft gloss finish which makes it look very beautiful. Since it is a paper roll it means that there are no creases from folding. Precise measurements are made possible by the fact that it is hand measured, rolled and cut to required standard size. At a price of only $9.99, this 32sq feet beautiful wrapper is available on Amazon.

1. Retro midcentury modern Christmas wrapping paper on white Kraft

Retro midcentury modern Christmas wrapping paper on white Kraft - Christmas wrapping papers

This is the most favorite wrapped of the Christmas season since its decoration are created in line with the Christmas theme. Its color is white with beautiful ornamental designs with trees covered in snow a suggestion of winter weather which prevails during the Christmas season. Its price is ridiculously affordable at $ 17 only bringing home the Christmas spirit.


Shopping for Christmas wrapping papers should be an exciting experience with the variety of choices available nowadays. Meaningful present wrapping done artistically is possible if you look keenly for the wrap of your choice which speaks tones about your personality and the way you represent love. You might consider one of the above-listed wrappers good luck as you find your favorite wrapper.