Chelsea Houska Net Worth 2018 – How much is Chelsea Houska Net Worth?

Chelsea Houska Net Worth is thousand dollars. Many people dream and love the personality of this TV star. That is why they find it essential to try and find out the net worth of this celebrity. That helps her fans to work hard enough to earn what she has under her name. Since we know all about this, the article has made finding the personal life, career and net worth of Chelsea Houska its core business. Reading on means, you will seriously get to know all important matters about Chelsea Houska.

Chelsea Houska Net Worth 2018

Chelsea Houska Net Worth 2018 - Chelsea Houska Net Worth

Chelsea Houska is an American Tv star who has appeared in TV reality shows. Houska is best known for her appearance in 16 and pregnant season two and Teen Mom for the second season. Chelsea is professional cosmetology who is highly appreciated by many people worldwide. She is also a popular social media star with over 4.2 million followers on Instagram and 1.66 million followers on Twitter. Her lifestyle blogs have also contributed to her popularity and net worth since she concentrates on makeup application, parenthood and beauty topics. With all the hard work applied by this celebrity, it is fair to say that Chelsea Houska net worth is a considerable amount.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki

Chelsea Houska officially known as Chelsea Anne Houska was born in 1991, 29th August. Her place of birth is Vermilion, South Dakota, United States of America. Her father and mother are Randy and Mary Houska respectively. She was raised together with her three siblings Angie, Melissa, and Emily. At some point in her life, she lived with her stepmother Rita.

Things became tough for Chelsea when she became pregnant while still in school. That was as a result of a romantic relationship with Adam Lind. With her situation, she had to drop out of school to take care of her pregnancy. Being unmarried and pregnant was not easy for Chelsea but never made her problems define her.

About five weeks to deliver, Chelsea gave birth to an adorable baby girl with some health complications. It was in 2009. Her daughter’s name is Aubree Skye Lind. After Aubree was born, Chelsea decided to go back to school and finish her General Education Development. After Aubree’s birth, Adam distanced himself from the child and showed less interest in her. That was not received well by Chelsea since she was determined to make her daughter’s life great even without Adam’s support. Things change for the young parents as they try to mend their relationship. It then reaches a point when Chelsea opts to be alone and focus on her daughter. Having the kid’s full custody, Chelsea was able to take care of her daughter. Speaking of legal issues, Chelsea once faced Adam in court for his claims of joint custody. However, the judge rules on her side.

Being young and having to raise a daughter alone was no joke but fortunately, she got support from everyone in her family. She earned a position in a beauty school to study cosmetics and beauty. Chelsea is currently married to Cole DeBoer after they said their wedding vows in 2016, 1st October. In 2017, 25th January, the couple were blessed with a handsome baby boy named Watson Cole DeBoer.

How much is Chelsea Houska Net Worth? How much is her income?

How much is Chelsea Houska Net Worth? How much is her income? - Chelsea Houska Net Worth

Chelsea Houska Net Worth is thousand dollars. Chelsea Houska has a net worth of $60 thousand in exact figures. That is an amount that this young star has tiredly worked for over the years. She has starred in reality shows which have contributed to her net worth. These reality shows include Teen Moms. Despite her young age, Houska is proving herself to be a young star.

How did Chelsea Houska amass her wealth?

How did Chelsea Houska amass her wealth?

Being young and pregnant is what boosted Chelsea Houska to the Celebrity world. The main reason why she got a breakthrough in the show was that of her pregnancy. The reality show tries to present all the life troubles faced by young pregnant females and how exactly they face things. In the show, they starred together with Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans and Leah Calvert.

The experience in Teen Mom has boosted Chelsea’s motherhood. Chelsea formerly worked as a licensed esthetician and was a working-class person in the show. After Houska and her husband welcomed Watson, their son, things have changed for Chelsea since she openly quit her job as an esthetician in South Dakota. She explained wanting to be a better mum to her two kids. Having made this choice, Chelsea will, therefore, have to appear in the reality show as a housewife like almost all the other cast members. This television personality has achieved a lot and is slowly rising to the top.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements

Chelsea Houska is a fantastic artist who has slowly been moving to the top. Her most significant achievement in the world is that she is an excellent example to many young people who face the same issues. Her life experience has become a life lesson for other people to learn from it and avoid making the same mistake. This young star has also contributed to the filming industry by appearing in reality shows. Her Achievements has dramatically improved Chelsea Houska net worth.

Ten things you need to know about Chelsea Houska

1. The name Chelsea Houska came to the people’s minds after her appearance in Teen Mom.

2. Chelsea Houska has a net worth of $60 thousand.

3. Currently, Chelsea quit her job to be a better mum to her kids.

4. She is a mother of a daughter and a son.

5. This young star married Cole DeBoer with whom they have a son.

6. Chelsea kicked off at 16 when she became pregnant while still in school.

7. She has faced legal issues concerning her daughter, Aubree custody.

8. In the reality show, Teen Moms, she appeared with Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, and Jenelle Evans.

9. Her greatest achievement is that with her story, many people learn from it.

10. Chelsea biggest influence the family that has stood by her in all situations.

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