22 Quick and Cheap Mason Jar Crafts with Holiday Spirit

Quick and Cheap Mason Jar Crafts are a highly recommended holiday DIY. When the festivities are around the corner, everyone goes into a panic about decorating. A plain old Christmas tree and wreaths are no longer enough to make your occasion different from everyone else’s. Holiday DIYs bring everyone closer together because the time and effort spent in making them is nothing compared to the unparalleled joy you feel when you see these beauties ready to transform your home or office. Everyone loves Mason Jars and they’re especially a favourite during the holidays because there are so many ways in which you can put them to good use.

Since Mason Jars are so versatile; you can paint them, stick interesting stuff on to them, and more importantly, fill them up with the cutest little items and display your art to elevate the mood and spirit of the holidays. Here are 22 Quick and Cheap Mason Jar Crafts filled with Holiday Spirit that are borderline genius and require very little resources, time, and work, to make. Have fun!

22 Quick and Cheap Mason Jar Crafts filled with Holiday Spirit

1. Emoji Mason Jars

Smileys are the first thing that catches anybody’s eye these days. Almost every decorative item features an emoji or two. Place these emoji jars and see your kids prance about imitating these much-loved cuties.

Emoji Mason Jars - cheap mason jar crafts

2. Snowman Luminary

Having a snowman around automatically elevates the holiday spirit manifold. A friendly snowman mason jar is great to have when you’re busy with the festivities since it uplifts everybody’s mood with a fuzzy feeling. This luminary snowman will add a little more light to your already bright Christmas.

Snowman Luminary - cheap mason jar crafts

3. Mason Jar Snow Globe

Snow globes are a Christmas delight and making one out of a mason jar will bring something unique home this holiday season. Who said fake snow couldn’t be as exciting as real snow definitely needs to try their hand at making this Mason Jar snow globe.

Mason Jar Snow Globe - cheap mason jar crafts

4. Candle Jar

When it’s Christmas time, candles automatically pop up everywhere. Make a bunch of candle stands with mason jars and place them around the house. The glow from these candles will ensure everyone sinks right in to the holiday spirit and never wants to come out.

Candle Jar - cheap mason jar crafts

5. Candy Cane Mason Jar

Candy Cane painted on a mason jar screams “Holidays” like nothing else. If you’re looking to make a full-blown décor in a corner of your space, make this candy cane jar and place the prettiest flowers into it.

Candy Cane Mason Jar

6. Mason Jar Terrarium

Making tiny gardens in mason jars and keeping them for display is an amazing holiday décor idea. Kids will absolutely adore your mini terrarium and will want to make more of it. Just fill the jars with sand, pebbles, tiny plants, and what not to watch your desk come to life.

Mason Jar Terrarium

7. Car in a Mason Jar

Make this pretty little car carrying a Christmas tree home and add it to your Christmas décor. You can find one of these cars on Amazon or eBay. Choose a Volkswagen or any other car brand and put some snow in to the jar. Your Car in a Jar is ready to roll.

Car in a Mason Jar - cheap mason jar crafts

8. Mason Jar Lid Ornaments

You can play with mason jar lids in so many different ways. Try this mason jar lid idea and hang it to your Christmas tree or around the house. Making an entire Mason Jar Lid Christmas Tree is also a good idea.

Mason Jar Lid Ornaments - cheap mason jar crafts

9. Leather Lantern Mason Jar

This mason jar covered in leather and housing a lantern is so quaint and Christmassy that it’ll sit anywhere and brighten up your holiday mood a bit more. Place it at your doorstep in the snow or dim the lights to let the glow from this lantern shine bright.

Leather Lantern Mason Jar

10. Christmas Characters

Paint a couple of mason jars as your favourite Christmas characters and place them in a corner to welcome friends and family with all their positive gusto. Christmas characters are the most fun and exciting to choose from. Bring them to life with mason jars.

Christmas Characters - cheap mason jar crafts

11. Mason Jar Cocktail

Cocktails and Christmas are a given. Make a Cocktail Mason Jar and admire it until you’re ready to drink it or gift it to someone dear and make then squeal with joy as they unravel your precious creation.

Mason Jar Cocktai - cheap mason jar crafts

12. Stencil Mason Jar

Have fun with paints and stencil and make these pretty reindeer mason jars. You could also use other Christmas characters. They make great gifts with their rustic charm and make for an easy Mason Jar DIY.

Stencil Mason Jar

13. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make everything Christmassy during the holidays? This Mason Jar Holiday DIY Soap Dispenser will remind everyone around the house that it’s that time of the year again, first thing in the morning.

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

14. Floating Candle Mason Jar

Floating Candles are very serene to look at. This Mason Jar with a floating candle will look excellent on your table for the holidays and will add to the cheer. Make a whole bunch of these and you can brighten up your home without any lights on.

Floating Candle Mason Jar

15. Prism Candle Mason Jar

Create a uniquely shaped prism mason jar and turn the room into a spectacle by placing a lit candle inside. This prism mason jar is pretty simple and easy to make. Watch the light dance around, this holiday season.

Prism Candle Mason Jar

16. Sparkly Mason Jar

Who said glitter was reserved solely for Valentine’s? This holiday season, add some glitz and glam to your Christmas décor with this sparkly mason jar by sticking copious amounts of glitter in your favourite colour, all around.

 Sparkly Mason Jar - cheap mason jar crafts

17. Painted Santa Mason Jar

Make mini Santa Mason Jars and gift them to everyone that matters to you on Christmas. They’ll love you for these mini Santa jars. All you need is paint and some ribbons, and a ton of these will be ready in no time.

Painted Santa Mason Jar

18. Cake in a Mason Jar

Red Velvet cake in a mason jar looks incredibly delicious for some reason and should definitely be included in your Christmas décor list. You can’t resist keeping them all to yourself, but if you do give them away; prepare for loads of love coming your way.

Cake in a Mason Jar - cheap mason jar crafts

19. Mason Jar Cluster Lights

When you’re lighting up for Christmas, make sure you do it in the brightest way possible. A couple of mason jars make the best lights when strung together with wire or ribbon. Hang them either indoors or outdoors and gape in awe at the amazing luminescence from these beauties.

Mason Jar Cluster Lights

20. Hot Chocolate Mason Jar

Make these special hot chocolate reindeers for your kids or gift them to somebody else’s kids as a token of your love and holiday spirit. These reindeers look irresistible and are sure to lift up anyone’s mood as long as they’re really chocolatey.

Hot Chocolate Mason Jar - cheap mason jar crafts

21. Township Mason Jar

A cosy little town cloaked in a frosted evening screams the holidays. Recreate the warmth on a mason jar and illuminate your mini town along with your home. The shadow play on this DIY is the best thing you can do to transform the ambience in the house.

Township Mason Jar

22. Frosted Candle Mason Jar

Stencil and Spray Paint together recreate the classic Christmas frosted window look when you place a candle inside this frosted stand. You can make a complete set of these and give it away as one giant gift.

Frosted Candle Mason Jar - cheap mason jar crafts

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