Chic-Yet-Cheap Christmas Decorations to Deck Your Halls on A Dime

If you want to enjoy the holidays without straining financially, cheap Christmas decorations can help a great deal. For a long time, people have been spending too much to grace the occasion. That doesn’t surprise anyone.

There is the car, home, and office among other things that need decorating. You need to cook your family’s favorite meals. It is also an ideal time to offer family and loved ones’ gifts. With all that, anyone can use cheap Christmas decorations.

Despite being pocket-friendly, they will serve the purpose right. That is why we have compiled a list that can help. Check out the best cheap Christmas decorations.

Top 10 Best Cheap Christmas Decorations in 2018

10. Beaded Berry Candlering Candle Ring

Beaded Berry Candlering Candle Ring - Cheap Christmas Decorations

These cheap Christmas decorations are worth considering. In addition to that, one can also use it as an ornament. That means that you will get two options for usage.

Thanks to its design, it can fit any votive size candle. Its versatility has been highlighted above too. It is also attractive hence perfect for decorating. That is thanks to the beaded red berries. Raz brand produces high-quality products, and this is no exception. Why not when its material is Gypsum?


  • It can not only decorate a house but also serve as an ornament.
  • The diameter is 4 inches.
  • Its internal diameter is 2 inches.
  • It is pretty and durable.

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9. KUUQA Mini Sisal Snow Frost Trees

KUUQA Mini Sisal Snow Frost Trees - Cheap Christmas Decorations

KUUQA also has incredible cheap decorations. It is ideal for many places if you have a festival or party. Put it on windows or tables among other areas.

According to the design, you will get well-assorted village trees. They are of different sizes to offer you a great view. The pine trees have snow effect as well. Therefore, they are worth every penny.


  • The package contains 34 pieces.
  • They can decorate any event.
  • The trees are of various heights ranging from 1.77 inches to 4.92 inches.
  • The base of each tree is wooden.

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8. Red 3-Poinsettia Flower Garland LED

Red 3-Poinsettia Flower Garland LED - Cheap Christmas Decorations

Next on our list of cheap Christmas decorations is a product by Starlite Creations. The brand has what you need to decorate indoors. The design and features make sure that you get what you are looking for.

The design utilizes the effect of light when it comes to decorating. Therefore, the manufacturer blends flower garlands and lights. The flowers are red for additional beauty. Their longevity is evident given the high-tech decoration.


  • A package has three pieces.
  • It uses LED light
  • It is perfect for indoor usage.
  • Its variable speed control box is worth mentioning as well.

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7. BLUETTEK Christmas Pillows Covers

BLUETTEK Christmas Pillows Covers - Cheap Christmas Decorations

Another option if you seek cheap Christmas decorations is these pillow covers. They are ideal for your bed or sofa. They also match the occasion perfectly.

One obvious design approach is the hidden zipper. That enhances the beauty for apparent reasons. As for the pattern, they are a variety and very attractive too. The material is cotton. As a result, they are soft and durable.


  • The dimensions are 18 by 18 inches.
  • As for the pattern, it is only on the front side.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • You are at liberty to use a washing machine.

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6. KI Store Christmas Ball Ornaments

KI Store Christmas Ball Ornaments - Cheap Christmas Decorations

Due to the beauty of these cheap Christmas decorations, there is no doubt that they are worth considering. The Christmas balls ornaments will beautify any place you want to host a party or Christmas occasions.

Its design was all about beauty and safety. The choices of colors are lovely. There are glitter, shiny matte, and shiny swirl. The blend of the three will give you perfect décor no doubt. The material is plastic. It is not only safe in case it falls down but also lasts for long.


  • It measures 1.57 inches.
  • You have sixteen different colors to choose from.
  • They are stunning.
  • They are also attractive.

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5. Home & More Winter Wonderland Doormat

Home & More Winter Wonderland Doormat - Cheap Christmas Decorations

Another choice for cheap Christmas decorations is such doormats. They can be a great thing to decorate the entrance. That way, the guest will get into the celebratory mood as soon as they get to your door.

The manufacturer designed it to do the job correctly. Expect shoes to become clean upon stepping on it. That is because of the durable coir. In addition to being of high quality, it is also durable.


  • It is ideal for all seasons.
  • There is no movement because of the vinyl backing.
  • Dimensions are 17 x 29 x 0.6 inches.

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4. D-FantiX 3D Nose Santa Toilet Seat Cover

D-FantiX 3D Nose Santa Toilet Seat Cover - Cheap Christmas Decorations

The bathroom should not be left behind. These cheap Christmas decorations by D-FantiX will help you ensure that it will be the case. That way, those who visit the toilet get into the festive mood.

The theme of the design is Santa. The set comes with a toilet seat cover, rug, tank cover as well as a tissue box. It will fit any standard toilet too. The materials are plush and polyester. That way, you get a long-lasting product.


  • The covers are elastic for perfect fitting.
  • Its mat has skid-resistant backing.
  • It is durable.
  • The seat cover and rug measures 17 by 14 inches and 22 x 22 inches, respectively.

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3. Twinkle Star Curtain String Lights

Twinkle Star Curtain String Lights - Cheap Christmas Decorations

String lights are also incredible cheap Christmas decorations. They are ideal for various occasions. That includes Christmas, wedding, valentine day and other parties. You can also use them for indoor and outdoor events.

Its design offers eight modes. They include steady on, twinkle, slow fade, chasing, sequential and waves among others. That makes them serve their purpose correctly. The material is robust and waterproof.


  • It has eight mode settings.
  • It has 138 LEDs.
  • Dimensions are 6.7 x 3.3 feet.
  • It has 12 stars comprising six small and six big.
  • Ease of use thanks to the plugin the mechanism.
  • It is both power saving and environment-friendly.

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2. Prextex Candy Cane Pathway Markers

Prextex Candy Cane Pathway Markers - Cheap Christmas Decorations

These canes are also impressive cheap Christmas decorations. You can consider them for either indoor or outdoor occasions. Options include placing them on trees, driveways, and pathways.

As for the design, ease of installation is a guarantee. Thanks to the small stakes, attaching to the ground is a piece of cake. Since every cane has six bulbs, the beauty is prominent.


  • You will get ten pieces in each package.
  • The height is 22 inches.
  • You should go for it if you are holding an outdoor or indoor event.
  • The package includes spare fuse and bulbs.
  • It lights up to a length of 18 feet.

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1. ITOMTE Handmade Swedish Tomte

ITOMTE Handmade Swedish Tomte - Cheap Christmas Decorations

Our list of cheap Christmas decorations needs this product to be complete. It is Gnome. The bearded old man will brighten any room or yard. You can hang them around or place it on tables.

When it comes to design, it is not only handcrafted but also has a Scandinavian design. The Swedish artist makes sure that it serves its purpose to the maximum. The person has used materials such as high-quality wire, fiber fur, wool and felt. For that reason, you will get a durable item.


  • Its height is 16 inches.
  • The width is 3.5 inches.
  • It will make a great gift.
  • Its stand offers perfect stability.

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As the festive period approaches, you can now have peace of mind. After all, you don’t have to spend a lot this time around. The above cheap Christmas decorations will see to it that you use less than you did last time. They include Christmas trees and lights.

The list covers other essential areas. They include bedrooms and bathrooms. There is a lot to gain if you consider the record. First, your house, yard, car or office will get people in the Christmas mood.

At the same time, you will not spend much time. These cheap Christmas decorations are worth buying no doubt.