Calvin Harris Net Worth 2018 – How much is Calvin Harris net worth?

The mention of his name may turn many heads, but that would be an understatement with the words Calvin Harris Net Work came out of another person’s mouth. However, any information regarding this DJ will catch many people’s attention beyond any reasonable doubt. That is why we decided to blend all that. The primary purpose of the article was to point out Calvin Harris net worth. Nevertheless, his full life story comes as a bonus. Read on for that

Calvin Harris Net Worth 2018

Calvin Harris Net Worth 2018 - Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris has named among the wealthiest professional DJs in the world. It estimated that this DJ earns millions of dollars per month which has made his net worth to widen. His determination to make it and leave a legacy for himself continues to wow not only his followers but also his fellow DJs. His primary source of wealth has mainly been music.

Calvin has been to be a jack of all trades when it comes to money. This vibrant guy not only is a DJ but also he is a songwriter, and he has been able to venture into recording music for artists as a record producer. Calvin released his first album in June 2007. This album contained two top UK top 10 singles. The two songs were ‘Acceptable in the 80s’ and ‘The Girls’. This album earned him quite a huge chunk of dollars that increased his net worth.

Calvin has been able to break the record for his songs being able to top charts both in the UK and in the US. These records ensured that they left his bank account more smiling. Apart from music, he has signed contracts with various brands and products to endorse their products. These contracts ensured that he was able to add something to the bank. Among the brands that he has endorsed includes Coca-Cola, Kia Motors, Pepsi Max, and Emporio Armani among others.

All the above deals significantly contributed to the current net worth of Calvin Harris. I think it is now time to get to know Calvin more. Read his Biography & Wiki.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris was born in the year 1984 on 17th January. His birth name is Adam Richard Wiles. He was born in Dumfries, Scotland. Harris’ parents were David Wiles and Pamela Wiles. His father was a biochemist by professional, and his mother was a housewife. His parents, David and Pamela previously used to live in Oxford. After their marriage, its then they decided to move to Dumfries.

Calvin has siblings older than him. Among his siblings include his elder sister Sophie and his older brother Edward. He schooled in Dumfries High School. After completing school, he saved enough to buy DJ necessities. He did this, first by working for a local supermarket where he used to stock shelves and supermarket.

In an interview with a local magazine, Calvin said that his love for music started made him start recording bedroom samples. When he turned 18, he released two singles, and it is after the release of these two singles that he was able to move from Scotland to London. He hoped that he would be able to find greener pastures. The names of the two singles were ‘Da Bongos’ and ‘Brighter Days.’

During his stay in London, he was only able to release one single by the name ‘Let me know.’ In this song, they worked together with Ayar Marar who is a vocalist. Life became a little harsh during his stay in London to the extent he decided to go home. As they say, east or west, Home is the best.

Returning to Dumfries did not kill his dream of being a successful musician. He still recorded songs. After recording them, he used to post them on his account of Myspace page. He did this tirelessly, and eventually, Mark Gillespie noted his talent in music. He signed him as the first artist in his new founded company.

Calvin Harris net worth 2018 – How much is Calvin Harris net worth? How much is his income?

Calvin Harris net worth 2018 - How much is Calvin Harris net worth? How much is his income? - Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris net worth is over $207 million. Music has generated his wealth. Calvin has been able to release albums that have contained songs that have received much enthusiasm. That always meant more sales and more sales says more money was increasing his net worth.

Calvin has landed some of the most prestigious and impressive endorsement deals, signing sponsorships and attractive advertising contracts. All that means additional money and hence increasing his total net worth. He has dealt with very profitable companies in the world including Apple, Coca-cola, Pepsi, sol republic among many others. His career as a DJ has been successful and has been able to earn him more money, and he is among the highest paid DJs in the world.

How did Calvin Harris amass his wealth?

How did Calvin Harris amass his wealth? - Calvin Harris Net Worth

After Calvin got noticed on the social media website Myspace, he got signed to Three Six Zero Group management, EMI (publishing) and Sony BMG. That happened in the year 2006. What followed after being hired was the release of a remix of All Saints. His first album got released in the year 2007 in June. The album was named ‘I created Disco.’

This album contained 14 tracks. To popularize the first album, Harris engaged in a UK tour. This album was a big hit that British Phonographic Industry certified it. It was number 8 among the charts while in the United States of America it was position 19. Calvin has been able to work with various artists over the years, among them, they include ‘Dizzee Rascal’ among many others. Harris released the second album in the year 2009.

This album topped charts in the UK. In this album, he did most of the work for production and writing. That is because he solely did the job on 11 songs on the album. In the year 2011, Harris joined Rihanna his support during the Loud Tour. Harris has been enjoined on LMFAO‘s album “Sorry For Party Rocking“. Calvin has been able to produce hundreds of songs that have eventually won various awards.

Watch “Sorry For Party Rocking”:

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - Calvin Harris Net Worth

Calvin Harris has had a very successful and fulfilling career as a musician. Did you know that Harris has been able to win a Grammy award? He has also won two MTV Video Music Awards.

Ten things you need to know about Calvin Harris

1. Calvin Harris is not yet married.

2. He does not have kids.

3. There are rumors’ that they are dating with Taylor Swift.

4. His first official songs were released when he turned 28.

5. He has been able to win one Grammy award and another two MTV video music awards.

6. Harris is the highest sort and most paid DJ the world.

7. There is no knowledge of him ever joining the university.

8. He has an elder brother and elder sister.

9. Calvin has been able to land most expensive endorsement.

10. He has stayed clear of many controversies when it becomes to his love life.

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