Birdman Net worth 2018 – How much is Birdman’s income?

Do you want to find out what Birdman net worth is? Then, there is good news. This article not only has that information but much information regarding this rapper. If you are his fan, it is high time that you gave the piece sometime. In-depth details regarding his life may inspire you. His career path and some of his music that you may have missed are right here. To unveil that and more, read on.

Birdman Net worth 2018

Birdman Net worth 2018 - Birdman Net worth

Birdman with the birth name Bryan Williams is a hip-hop artist. He is at position four among the wealthiest hip-hop artiste by Forbes. Among the sources of his wealth include Music among others. Apart from being a musician, he is also a music producer. You all know of the famous Cash Money Records. Well, he is the founder and the chief executive officer. Birdman net worth runs into millions of dollars.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki - Birdman Net worth

Birdman is an America rapper and a very popular music producer. His worldwide known name is Birdman. Birdman was born in the year 1969 on February 15th. He was born in New Orleans, Los Angeles. The famous Ronald Slim Williams is the older brother of Bryan Williams. Birdman was a child of Ms. Gladys, and his father was Vietnam Veteran. Birdman did not enjoy the love of both his mother and father as they both died while they were very young. His mother died while Birdman was still very young at the age of two while his father died at the age of five.

After the death of his parents, problems struck in. He was homeless for several months, and he did spend his childhood days by engaging in criminal activities. His original crime activities were in the Magnolia in the New Orleans. Among the activities, he participated in include robbery, and he even started supplying Heroin to make ends meet. He continued with his illegal activities until when he reached 16. The long arm of the law eventually caught up with him, and he got arrested at 16. Birdman detainment became the order of the day as he captured over and over again. He served time in Correctional jail. It was about 3-5 years, the time he spent in prison.

Birdman’s love life has not been smooth. He has dated many women in his life. He dated Grace Chavez from the year 2001-2016. Birdman dated Kimora Lee Simmons from the year 1999-2014. They had a thing together with Trina in the year 1988. From the year 1999-2000, he dated Mia Dumas. He has dated Keyshia Cole in the year 2014. The list of his girlfriends is so long. Birdman married a Venezuelan model, Diana Levy. The union brought two kids who are daughter and son. The names of the two children were Bria and Bryan Jr.

Birdman Net worth 2018 – How much is Birdman Net Worth? How much is his income?

Birdman Net worth 2018 – How much is Birdman Net Worth? How much is his income? - Birdman Net worth

Birdman has an estimated net value of more than $200 million. As a producer, he has been able to produce several albums and tracks. He has put so much hard work and dedication, and it is this effort that has made him a great rapper and has gone ahead to make him have a huge net worth. As a musician, he has a list of successful albums. The music label he founded, Cash Money Record, has contributed hugely to his current net worth.

Birdman has been able to venture into different industries. Among them is the YMCMB clothing line. He has been able to acquire a massive following of fans, and this has made him have a ready prepared market. His fans tend to want to wear the same clothes he wears when attending some of his concerts. This clothing line has been able to add a good chunk of dollars to his current net worth.

Birdman went ahead to start an oil and gas searching company. The company’s name was Bronald Oil and Gas and LLC. That has contributed to his net worth. The fact that he combines his talent with hard work has resulted in a great success. He has a considerable following, especially on social media. The number of his followers on twitter only is over 2 million people.

How did Birdman amass his wealth?

How did Birdman amass his wealth? - Birdman Net worth

Together with DJ Mannie, they came together to form Big Tymers. This group released their first album titled “How Ya Luv That” and its release was in the year 1998. They parted ways, and in the year 2000, he went ahead and published I Got That Work and in 2002, another one Hood Rich. His songs, however, did not enter The Billboard Hot 100 music chart. However, his song I Got That Work got certified platinum and this song sold over 1 million copies. His Still Fly got successfully nominated for a Grammy, and his Oh Yeah got approved with Platinum in the US.

In the year 2003, Big Money Heavyweight went ahead to get certified with the Gold. After he left, he rebranded from Baby to Birdman. Birdman released an album, like father like a son who got certified as Gold. Birdman has worked on rap singles that have high selling rate. His brother Ronald Slim Williams has been a huge inspiration.

Birdman has been known to have a high affinity for costly things. For example, his watch is made up of 18 carats of gold and has diamonds on its surface. The estimated price of the clock is more than $1.5 million. He has very high Gold Chains. He has a house in a Miami Beach whose estimated cost is $14.5 million. Additionally, he also has very luxury cars. Among the top vehicles, he has include Rolls Royce Phantom, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari Enzo and a Porsche Spyder.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements - Birdman Net worth

He has been able to set up a record label that has not only given rise for experienced musicians like Lil Wayne but also, it has been able to offer a platform for younger talents. His songs have been able to get nominations for Grammy Awards. Although most have not known, well Grammy nomination is a huge deal. You want to know how big the nomination is. Well, you just have to look at the number of musicians who have successfully managed to get the nomination in the Grammy history. His songs have gone ahead to break the record of sales.

Ten things you need to know about Birdman

1. He got accused of conspiring to kill Lil Wayne.

2. Together with fellow rapper Young Thug, they got charged with planning to kill Lil Wayne.

3. Well, Jimmy Carlton who got arrested for shooting Lil Wayne tour bus said the financial troubles between two of them.

4. Birdman has been able to release six studio albums over the course of his career.

5. Birdman problems are ever on the increase.

6. It is rare for a year to end with no scandal.

7. He has been accused several times of owing more than $ 2 million to the Internal Revenue Service for taxes he did not pay from 2007-2010.

8. He and his brother founded an oil company in 2010 by the name Bronald Oil and Gas, LLC. However, according to Bloomberg media, the company never received any permit for oil or gas.

9. Due to possession of marijuana, Birdman was arrested in Tennessee in 2009.

10. His house in Miami Beach has nine bedrooms as well as 17 bathrooms. It cost him $14.5 million back in 2012.

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