Top 10 Best Tennis Players All Time

Experts are out for an important issue. Who are the top 10 best tennis players all the time? As we all know that every year new records are made and old records pile up behind them. So every time someone has to come forward and compile a list of the best tennis players not for a certain period of time, but for all the time. An Olympic sport, tennis was earlier known to be a gentle man’s game. Now we see people from various levels of society are playing or following tennis and some coming up as best tennis players all time. What we play as tennis was originated from Birmingham in England in the late 19th century.

Millions of people eagerly follow the four tennis tournaments known to be the prestigious Australian open, the French Open, the most esteemed Wimbledon and the US Open. For many years, the tennis rackets were made up of woods with strings made up of animal gut. With the progressing of time the development in technology lead to the making of tennis rackets from metal that is lightweight and more sturdy. No matter what changes are seen in the world of tennis, there were outstanding personalities that made this game famous throughout the world. Let’s see the top 10 best tennis player all time.

Top 10 Best Tennis Players All Time

10. Roger Federer

Roger Federer - Best Tennis Players

The king of tennis Federer is certainly the best tennis player all time. Born in 1981 Federer won 19 Grand Slam singles titles. He held the World No. 1 spot for 302 weeks in the ATP rankings which include a record of 237 consecutive weeks. Federer has won eight Wimbledon titles, five titles in the Australian Open, five consecutive titles in the US Open and one French Open title. He is the all-time leader in earnings too, gaining a grand prize money of $111,885,682. Federer has won overall 19 men’s single titles, 3 men’s single titles per-year 3 times, five consecutive wins in two grand slams since 2004-07. Federer still remains the only player to win 327 singles matches and will win more in the coming days.

9. Rod Laver

Rod Laver - Best Tennis Players

A player who won the largest number of singles titles in tennis Rod Laver is indisputably one of the best tennis players all time in the history of tennis. His record of 200 titles in singles is the best. Laver won 10 or more titles for the seven consecutive years since 1964 to 70 and 16 consecutive wins for 5 or more title seasons. In his 14 years of professional career although he started to play as a amateur player during 1956-62, Laver who is a left-handed player won eight Pro Slam titles. In the calendar year 1962 and 1969 Laver marked his win in the Grand Slam twice. Throughout his career, Laver won price money worth $1,565,413.

8. Steffi Graf

Steffi Graf - Best Tennis Players

Our list of the best tennis players all time would be incomplete without the mention of this world champion from Germany. In her 17 years of career Graf won 22 Grand Slam Titles. The only tennis player to win all the four Grand Slam singles titles and an Olympic gold medal in the year 1988 Graf’s record are still unique of its own. According to the WTA Graf is the only player to hold the World No. 1 record for 377 weeks. Throughout her career, she won 107 singles titles. She is one of the only two players to win three grand slams for five years.

7. Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova

World No.1 for a total of 332 weeks in singles, Navratilova is the only player in this game to retain the first position in both singles and doubles for over 200 weeks. From the year 1983-87 Navratilova secured the number 1 position in the year-end tournaments in Wimbledon championship. One of the most successful players in women’s doubles she won 109 consecutive matches. One of the only five players to win a multiple slams set in two disciplines she proved her dominance over the tennis court. Although born in Czech, since 1981 Navratilova has been holding a citizenship in the United States.

6. Pete Sampras

Pete Sampras

The history of tennis will always remember Sampras for his precise and powerful serve. Beginning his career in 1988 Sampras ruled the tennis court for 14 years. Winning 14 titles in Grand Slams Sampras became the first man of its kind. In total, he won 64titles in singles. For six continuous years, 1993 to 1998 Sampras scored the World No.1 title in the year-end championships. In the year 2007 Sampras was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Excluding 1996, Sampras won seven consecutive Wimbledon Gentleman’s Singles title throughout the year 1993-2000. Post-retirement Sampras played many exhibition matches and kept himself connected to tennis.

5. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal

Nadal is not just one of the best tennis player all time, but he is the 3rd in the list of highest-earning tennis players all time. The year 2001 marked the start of Nadal’s professional career and he gained 75 single titles to date. Till date, Nadal has won 14 Grand Slams, 2 Olympic Gold Medals and 4 Davis Cup with the national team. From the year 2005-17 Nadal has won consecutive wins in the French Open. He is widely known as a “The King of Clay” because of his unmatched performance on the tennis court. Nadal is also the 6th player to reach more than 100 finals on the ATP World Tour in the Open Era.

4. Björn Rune Borg

Björn Rune Borg

Sweden’s Björn Rune Borg will always have his footprints in the world of tennis. In his 10 years of professional career, Borg was very popular among the youths. Borg also kept breaking the records in earnings money when he became the first player ever to earn more than $1 million of prize money in just one season of 1979. To the surprise of many Borg retired from the tennis career at the age of 26. Being one of the best tennis players all-time Borg won 77 top-level singles and 4 doubles titles in his short career. In the year 1987 Borg was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Post-retirement Borg was also famous due to his fashion brand in Sweden.

3. Margaret Court

Margaret Court

A World No.1 Tennis player from Australia, Court turned into a pro tennis player in 1960 and played for the next 17 years. In the year 1970 Court secured her titles in the all the four major tournaments the same year making her the second women in the history of tennis to achieve it. She won 24 single titles, 19 women’s doubles and 21 mixed doubles titles making a total record of 64 major titles. Court is the only woman to win the mixed doubles Grand Slam twice during her career. With an amazing single winning percentage of 91.37% on all kind of courts is said to be one of the best.

2. Chris Evert

Chris Evert

Chris Evert is a name that will be long remembered throughout the United States. Born on December 1954 Evert won a total 18 titles in single Grand Slams and 3 double titles. She made the world call out here name when she won for 5 consecutive years 1974-1977 the World No.1 in singles. Throughout her career, she won 157 titles in singles and 32 titles in doubles. She secured the highest winning percentage of 89.96% in the Open Era tennis history for both men and women. During the year 1975-1976 and 1983- 1991 Evert served as the president of the Women’s Tennis Association.

1. Billie Jean King

Billie Jean King - Best Tennis Players

Champions keep playing until they get it right and Billie was just right that. America’s former World No.1 Tennis player she was born on 22 November 1943 in United States. A social activist and a pioneer of tennis in the 19’s she made the best as a tennis player and a social activist. Billie made a record winning 20 championship titles at the Wimbledon. Her record of victory continues with winning 39 titles in Grand Slam, 12 titles in singles, 16 in women’s doubles and 11 in mixed doubles. The year 1987 was special for this tennis legend when she was inducted in the International Tennis Hall of Fame. In her career King secured 129 titles in singles and the WTA would never forget the 78 titles she won during her career. Throughout her career she gained price money of $1,966,487.

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