Top 10 Best Solar Chargers To Bring Your Devices Back To Life

Thanks to solar chargers, the overreliance to the unreliable power sources are no longer necessary. Neither lack of mains power supply nor a dead battery can come between you and you using your phone. That is something that people have welcomed warmly. I wouldn’t blame them because it is frustrating when the other sources fail.

If you think that it will be a bother, then you are in for a rude shock. As much as there are large ones, some are pocket-size. Regardless of the millions of solar chargers in the market, all will be well. We are about to take a look at the best ones that you can buy.

Top 10 Best Solar Chargers in 2018

10. iClever USB Solar Charger 8000mah

iClever USB Solar Charger 8000mah - Solar Chargers

Energy stores are never perfect or 100% reliable, but portable solar chargers fill the gap of unreliability as regards to the power supply to your devices. This solar panel is a 28 watts panel constructed in a lighter and smarter energy-generating machine. Its name is Nomad 28 plus solar panel.

These solar chargers have a smart charging design to cater to tablets and phones. Also, the design of dynamic autostart mechanism makes it ideal for directly charging your devices from the sun without storing the energy first. It is even functional in cloudy conditions.


  • Easy to read LED indicator to display the strength of the solar conditions.
  • High-quality Waterproof construction for the security of the panel.
  • The Removable kickstands ensure optimum angle placement towards the sun.
  • USB port for a secure connection with your device to your solar chargers.

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9. Renogy Phoenix Generator All-in-one

Renogy Phoenix Generator All-in-one - Solar Chargers

Reboot Phoenix portable generator is in the list of well known solar chargers. This solar charger has a combination that charge Mobile phones off-grid applications and emergencies all at once. Your devices will never again be hungry when you have these solar chargers.

This item has a design that accommodates almost every device. It has many input port as well as output. This product has a sine wave inverter to convert the sun rays into energy. It is lightweight for portability and compactness.


  • All in one portable solar power system for the value of your purchase.
  • It is Ideal for mobile, off-grid applications and emergencies.
  • Renogy 20W monocrystalline for efficiency and lightweight.
  • Solar chargeable as well as AC power.
  • 16 Ah, lithium-ion battery for energy storage.

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8. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel - Solar Chargers

Another Goal Zero design of solar chargers is Nomad 7 solar panel. These solar chargers are lightweight and portable solar panel that gives you the opportunity to charge handheld USB. It can charge a 12 volts gear directly from the sun.

These solar chargers have a design that charges almost every USB and 12 volts geared devices excluding tablets. The model also caters for handheld USB devices like a cell phone, smartphone, MP3 player and G.P.S. It combines very well with other Goal Zero products.


  • Ability to collect 7 watts of solar power from the sun.
  • Charges 12V devices directly from the sun without other storage.
  • Charges USB devices direct from the sun.
  • It works wonderfully with Goal Zero products like with 8 and 10 recharger as well as Flip 10 and 20 recharger and others.

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7. Suaoki 25W Solar Charger

Suaoki 25W Solar Charger - Solar Chargers

Sun rays are now more useful than before when Suaoki 25 watts solar chargers come in. They convert the rays into the necessary power of your devices giving you stress-free possession of your devices. No matter whether your device uses USB, there is no more worry as all devices work perfectly.

These solar chargers have a foldable design for compatibility freeing you from packing Cumbersome batteries whenever you decide to go out for camping or other outdoor activities. It also has water resistance make as well as a convenient size to carry it around.


  • Built-in IC for each USB port to charge your device without worry of overcharging.
  • The increased conversion efficiency of up to 25% through the monocrystalline solar panel.
  • Quadruple fold design for compactness and portability.
  • Four carabiner hooks for easy attachment to trees, tents or backpacks.

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6. AUKEY 28W Solar Charger

AUKEY 28W Solar Charger - Solar Chargers

What model do you use if not Aukey 28 watts solar charger? How sure are you your devices are safe? These solar chargers are today the lifespan protectors of your devices. Therefore, the lifespan of your devices is higher with these Sunpower high-efficiency solar panels. Take the advantage.

This item has a Sunpower conversion mechanism with a foldable design to fit in your travel bag. They have a model that caters for iPhone and iPad to provide you with the most reliable source of power for your devices. The high-efficiency solar panels make sure that you get what you want.


  • Foldable design for compactness and easy portability.
  • Solar panels to capture enough solar power for a cleaner and unlimited power.
  • Easy to connect mechanism with use of USB ports.
  • Water and weather resistant construction for durability of the Solar Charger.
  • High-wear PVC fabric lamination for long life.

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5. Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus (V2)

Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus (V2) - Solar Chargers

If you have tested other Goal Zero solar chargers, you can now go to Nomad 7 Plus (V2) solar panel. For sure, you will not regret because it has all that you expect from solar chargers. It is safe for your smart gadgets and devices. Operation and installation are both fast and easy.

This item has a design that charges phones and USB directly from the sun through its conversion mechanism. It has a sensor that optimizes output to match the device capability. The detachable kickstand enhances angle placement.


  • USB ports to charge devices directly from the sun without worry.
  • It has an auto-restart mechanism for auto control of charging of the devices.
  • Easy to read LED indicator to display the solar condition.
  • Instant feedback on the panel to sun solar charging experience.
  • The Detachable kickstand is necessary for angle placement of the solar panel.
  • Natural shade for charging devices and vented pocket for temperature control.

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4. Renogy E.Flex 5W Solar Panel

Renogy E.Flex 5W Solar Panel - Solar Chargers

Renogy  E.Flex 5 watts portable solar chargers did not come for anything more but to give you the best out of the sun rays. It is your companion if at all you mind for your electronics. These solar chargers see to it that your phones and other useful devices have a convenient new power source.

These solar chargers have a design that offers the best charging experience when charging any portable USB device. Its lightweight design makes it ideal for your travel and other outdoor activities. The model eliminates overcharging and water-related defects.


  • It is Lightweight for quick travel and installation.
  • This product has water resistant features for durability and reliability.
  • Overcharge protection mechanism to guard your devices from destruction.
  • Renogy has high compatibility with USB devices.
  • Auto-optimization is charging through the effortless recovery of the lost power during charging.

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3. RAVPower Solar Charger 24W

RAVPower Solar Charger 24W - Solar Chargers

Solar chargers RAVPower is another product that has made the life of people’s devices long as far as electronics are concerned. These solar chargers are a 24W solar panel with triple USB ports. It must be in your pack when going camping or travel. Thus solar charger guarantees the safety of your smartphones and tablets and the rest.

This item has a design of a solar panel with the capacity to accommodate 16 watts. The model of 2 USB charging ports featuring Sunpower transition efficiency of between 21.5 and 23.5%. Its lightweight design of 15.9 oz makes it ideal for travel.


  • Signature solar cells to increase the efficiency of charging.
  • Lightweight for easy to carry and install.
  • ISmart technology for automatic detection of overcharge.
  • 24 watts solar charging technology.

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2. Anker PowerPort Solar 2 Ports 21W Dual USB

   Anker PowerPort Solar 2 Ports 21W Dual USB - Solar Chargers

Thanks to Anker 21 watts dual USB solar chargers. Our electronics are now out of danger. When we mention this item, we talk about a product that combines with a big range of electronic devices without strains. Whether, Nexus, HTC, Galaxy brands, iPhones, and iPads all these have a room in this item.

The item has a foldable design to keep it to the desired size ready for travel. Its transition efficiency ranges from 13.5 to approximately 15.5% and a very convenient weight of 13.80Z. It has a design to carry & watts without difficulties.


  • Reviewed by over ten million users for Anker advantage technology.
  • Fast charging technology to deliver the fastest possible charging speed under direct sunlight.
  • Pet Polymer material for weather resistance outdoor durability and service.
  • Coming with other useful accessories including 3ft micro USB cable and 18 months warranty for friendly sale.

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1. Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus

Goal Zero Nomad 28 Plus - Solar Chargers

Who can beat the Goal Zero in the field of solar chargers? I wonder. They have again come with Nomad 28 plus solar panel to rescue our electronic gadgets from the risk of damage. They have now taken the heavy load of cumbersome batteries during our travel to leave us with the convenient pack for our travel.

This item has a portable design after a re-engineering in lighter and smarter has a design of innovative technology that can charge USB devices directly from the sun. The kickstands that are attachable make sure that the solar charger faces the direction of the sun well.


  • Easy to read LED indicator display to provide instant feedback on the speed of charging.
  • Modular, rugged waterproof construction for worry-free charging.
  • Removable kickstands for optimum angle placement towards the sun
  • Dynamic auto restart is charging for phones and tablets directly from the sun.

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As much as there are many forms of energy, the most readily available one is solar. Without interruptions as well as payment, it is good to see that people are taking advantage of those benefits. Therefore, if you choose one of the above products, you are simplifying your life.

Who would have imagined that such renewable energy would stand a chance in the 21st century? It is not only during but also booming. You should embrace it because many benefits come with that step. Things will even be better if you choose one of our recommendations. Make a good choice today.

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