Top 10 Best Small Electric Fans For Space-Starved Homes Or Offices

There are a variety of small electric fans. Some are ideal for tabletops while others are for the floor. In addition to that, there are those that come will window clips or wall mounts. Each category has some options.

For that reason, it becomes hard to buy a small electric fan. What then should you do? Do not forget that the limited space is a huge determining factor. Therefore, you need something that is not only effective but also compact.

What about giving our recommendations a chance. Get rid of disappointments by considering the top 10 best small electric fans below.

Top 10 Best Small Electric Fans in 2018

10. Upgr8 Universal High Performance

Upgr8 Universal High Performance - Small Electric Fans

Thanks to the UPGR8, you can take home amazing small electric fans. They will keep your room cool. That way, you will receive maximum comfort and relaxation.

According to the design, installation is a breeze. It is a push or pull type of fan. Those who have had an experience with them praise the quality. The reviews and rating are proof of that.


  • It comes with tie straps kit and mount brackets thus easy to install.
  • The CFM is 100.
  • Its size is 10 inches.
  • The thickness is 2.5 inches.
  • For DIY, you have to let it pass for this. Consult a professional instead.

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9. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim

Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim - Small Electric Fans

Coming up are other great small electric fans by Lasko. They are perfect to use on your desk. That way, you get to stay in an incredible space.

Its compact design offers convenience. The reason is that it will occupy a small space. Therefore, you get to place it on top of your table without inconveniencing yourself. Its material is high-grade plastic. Consequently, the high quality is indisputable.


  • It has 2 speed settings.
  • The operation is noiseless.
  • It is easy to operate thanks to the LED-illuminated electronic controls.
  • It is ETL listed for safety.
  • The manufacturer assembles it fully.

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8. efluky 3 Speed Mini Handheld

efluky 3 Speed Mini Handheld - Small Electric Fans

Can you imagine small electric fans that gives you various temperature settings? That is what these ones by Efluky offer. Equally important, you can charge it with your smartphone charger.

It has a three-speed design which ensures that you have various options. IT is also portable in case you need to travel. As for the quality, the reviews and rating are mostly about praises and durability.


  • Its built-in blue light can act like a night light.
  • It is ideal for many uses such as home and office.
  • It is rechargeable.
  • The diameter is 4.5 inches.

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7. Seville Classics UltraSlimline

Seville Classics UltraSlimline - Small Electric Fans

Seville Classics also has you covered if you are looking for small electric fans. Consider them if you have a limited space. That includes workstations. Countertops, desks and other small spaces.

Its compact and portable design makes it ideal for small places. It is also powerful hence worth buying. The 3-speed design ensures that the room has perfect temperatures.


  • Its oscillation is about 80 degrees.
  • The operation is quiet.
  • Ease of operation is also a guarantee. You need to push a button.
  • It has LED light indicators.
  • It has 3 timings and shuts off automatically if you forget.

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6. Honeywell Chillout Personal Fan

Honeywell Chillout Personal Fan - Small Electric Fans

Honeywell is also gracing our list with its perfect small electric fans. It is one of the best personal fan that you can secure. The product is ideal for dorms, homes and offices.

It has a compact design. For that reason, it can fit on the nightstands and desks and tabletops. The efficiency ensures that you get high-quality results. It is durable too.


  • It has 2 speed settings.
  • You can buy a blue or a red one.
  • They are lightweight hence easy to move with.

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5. Stadler Form Otto African Sapele Wood

Stadler Form Otto African Sapele Wood - Small Electric Fans

 At number 5, we have excellent small electric fans by Stadler Form. It keeps your environment conducive and as per your preferences. If you are tired of replacing one now and then, put an end to that using the product.

The stylish design ensures that it is visually appealing. It is also compact and lightweight. When it comes to quality, do not expect a disappointment. The materials are high-grade aluminum, wood and steel. Therefore, the product is long-lasting.


  • Dimensions are 13.5 x 14.6 x 7.2 inches.
  • It is stylish hence adds beauty to a room.
  • The feet height is adjustable.
  • The designer is Carlo Borer.
  • It has 2 speeds.

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4. DecoBREEZE Decorative Table Fan

DecoBREEZE Decorative Table Fan - Small Electric Fans

Deco Breeze is living up to its name by providing beauty and fresh cool air at the same time. The brand has manufactured these alluring small electric fans for your home or office.

At a glance, the stylish design is evident. Its pink color and the flamingo shape are impressive. Therefore, it will beautify the room. That does not compromise the quality. It is approved and meets the UL Standard 560 after testing,


  • It has one speed.
  • It is portable due to its small size.
  • The dimension is 4 inches.
  • It is stylish and unique.

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3. Genesis 6-inch Clip-On Fan

Genesis 6-inch Clip-On Fan - Small Electric Fans

These are small electric fans by Genesis. As much as that is the case, they can serve more than one person. Secure it for your room and office for better days. No disturbance and yet you get ample fresh air.

Due to the design, it is a clip on fan cum table top fan. Therefore, you get several options of installing the same. It is also strong and sturdy. As a result, it is durable and a great value for your money.


  • Its operation is quiet.
  • Its head is adjustable for convenience.
  • It is easy to use.
  • The neck is also rotatable.

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2. Honeywell HT-904 Tabletop Air-Circulator

Honeywell HT-904 Tabletop Air-Circulator - Small Electric Fans

We have other small electric fans by Honeywell. That says it all about the quality of the products of this brand. One can fit almost everywhere. Therefore, no need to worry despite the limited space.

When it comes to the design, the blades are unique. They ensure that it operates quietly. It is also powerful to the extent that it will stream the air up to 27 feet. It also gives services for an extended period.


  • It has 3 speed settings.
  • Dimensions are 11 x 6.5 x 11 inches.
  • The head is tiltable and adjustable.
  • It is also easy to clean due to the removable grill.
  • It has wall-mounting option.

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1. Dyson Air Mulitiplier AM06

Dyson Air Mulitiplier AM06 - Small Electric Fans

Our top most small electric fans are from Dyson. They are perfect personal fans that are ideal for table top use. If you want fresh air at all times, you should consider them.

The compact design makes the perfect when there is limited space in your home or office. Its design doesn’t incorporate blades. Nevertheless, it works perfectly.


  • It is small enough to fit on the table.
  • It is easy to operate.
  • The operation is usually quiet.
  • The weight is 8.8 ounces.

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The above small electric fans are here to bring back what the big ones did. In some situations, they made the people with small spaces learn to live without fans. As a result, they usually hope that the weather will be bearable.

However, that should not be the case. For others. They have to deal with the inconveniences of the big ones. That is since the fans occupy a large space.

Do you fall under any of the two categories? If yes, heed our advice. Buy one of the small electric fans above. It will save you the agony of discomfort com hot seasons.