The 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2018

In most of the cases, the photo editing software’s are just used to make the appearance better than a normal picture. It may provide a clean photo with additional effects but the photo remains the same. Mostly, the people are using different applications for clicking or editing the pictures. But they are not so satisfied with the applications to get the accurate changes that they want in the picture. That’s why you need the best photo editing apps for Android phones for a better photo.

Those people who are willing to read this can get the good understanding of the different applications and also know about the better applications which are highly recommended for the photo editing uses in Android phones in 2018. Some of the applications are paid and some are free, the paid applications can be used free as a trial or some of the features may not work without purchasing the application.

All the editing applications that we are going to provide here are from the different sources and can be easily available online without any copyright issue and they are fully certified.

The 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android in 2018

 10. Adobe photo editor apps

Adobe photo editor apps - Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Adobe photo editor is very old application and known by most of the people. This application contains all type of normal effects with red eye and the effects are different in different subscription plans. If you want to download this application then it may be easily available in the PlayStore and having millions of downloads. To use all the additional features that are paid, you have to get the cloud subscription which may provide all the features which you haven’t experience yet in any of the application.


9. Photo Lab

Photo Lab - Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Photo Lab is a free photo editing application which is available in the PlayStore. This application also has paid version with the price of $2.99 and can make your photography better. The most of the people have compared this application with some other applications and after examine, the results are better while using this application. You can easily get different frames with more than 600 filters and the effect of the photo editing is more convenient to use. The free version contains watermark facilities to add to advertising as well. It’s better to take the experience from the trial version instead of buying the pro mode.


8. Aviary

Aviary - Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Aviary also got a place in the best editing applications as it contains excellent features and the clear vision of the picture. This application may provide the user to adjust the different colors, contrasts, temperature and all the required features that can be used to get an acceptable picture. The application is free of cost but also have the premium version of it. You can get it directly from the Google Play and also get the subscription if you want to pay the price for it. After using this application, you may also like some features like eye fixing, teeth whitening, and blemish remover.


7. AirBrush

AirBrush - Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

This application mostly loved by the Selfie lovers. You may take selfies or any of the group pictures; it always satisfies you with its great effects. The one can also buy its premium version as it is very cheaper and can be available within $2. In most of the parties, you may take selfies and different pictures in different conditions of light. This application may provide a good effect which may satisfy the user.


6. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire photo editor pro is one of the considerable applications in terms of photography or editing any of the pictures. You may enjoy while using this app and can get the pro version for $9.99. The app contains different effects but mostly used for HDR mode or black & white feature. You may change your pic into a sketch or make it unique with the watercolor.


5. Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor Photo Editor

Fotor photo editor is mostly recommended in different posts and the people like to share good reviews for this application. You can easily download this application from the PlayStore and without paying any type of charges. Some tools are also included in this application such as RGB, temperature, highlights, shadow, vignetting, exposure, contrast, brightness, rotate, crop, saturation and more.


4. PhotoDirector


Photo director is also listed in the top 10 list of the editing applications. This application is not so much known by the users but contains the natural editing with great features. The reason behind retaining its place is it contains several different effective features like HSL Sliders, RGB color channels, white balance and great effective color contrast. It is easily available in the PlayStore and has thousands of downloads. You can get the paid version of this application within $5 and a make your experience better.


3. Photo Mate R3

Photo Mate R3 - Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Photo Mate R3 is the upgrade version of Photo Mate R2 and has new effects which can take attention of the users. It consists of all the basic effects and supports the RAW files which may increase the experience of photography. You can also clear all the issues related to the lens which has distortion and chromatic aberration. There is not any big difference between the other applications and this one but it contains some advanced features that a buyer can experience in the paid version of $7.49.


 2. PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt Photo Editor

PicsArt is one of the popular Android applications which a user has used once for editing. This application is mostly recommended for the great reviews. You can directly download the free version from the PlayStore and edit the photos instantly. If you buy the paid version for #5.99 then it may increase your photography with all newly updated effects. After getting the app, you will receive many updates in every month with a new feature in it. In PlayStore, this application has more than 250 million downloads.


1. Snapseed

Snapseed - Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

Snapseed is recommended by the Google and has launched in past few years. It is available in the PlayStore and has millions of downloads. With the great exciting effects, this app is considered in the rank #1 for the best performance with full satisfaction. The new users can install this app for free and can experience the great RAW support photos. To remove the advertisements, you have to buy this application and double your experience.



After making clear about all the editing applications it may conclude that all the applications are best according to their preferences, recommendations, and prices. You may experience the best effects in the paid versions perhaps; the normal version is also good for the normal photography.

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