Top 10 Best John Candy movies of all time

In the genre of comedy, John candy movies get appreciation every time. John Franklin Candy mainly known as John Candy was a Canadian comedian actor who worked in the Hollywood film industry. He mainly came to fame when he worked for the Toronto branched version of the Second City Television and its related Television Series. He was an amazing comedian who proudly worked for around 25 years in Hollywood.

As we know, comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea, but when John Candy did it, it looked natural. He was not only a great comedian but an actor with great dramatic talent. Even Maureen O’Hara in her auto-biography mentioned some facts on John Candy. He was extraordinarily gifted with many talents, mimicry being one of them. John Candy’s career reached its heights in the 1980s with films like Going Berserk, Space balls, Who’s Harry Crumb? He gave us some extraordinary movies to look for. The top 10 best John candy movies are.

Top 10 Best John Candy movies

10. Summer Rental

Summer RentalRelease date – August 9, 1985
Rate– 2/10
Director– Carl Reiner
Cast– John Candy, Richard Crenna, Rip Torn

It’s a story about a man taking his family on vacation to the beach. Things just get wrong from the very starting and get worse over time. He then gets into a quarrel with a local yachtsman and eventually has to race him down to protect his and his family’s pride. From reading the wrong house address to funny challenges throughout the whole movie, it will never make one feel bored.

9. Who’s Harry Crumb?

Who's Harry Crumb?Release date – February 3, 1989
Rate– 8/10
Director– Paul Flaherty
Cast– John Candy, Jeffrey Jones, Annie Potts.

It is a mystery-comedy flick where the main character, Harry crumb is a private investigator who works in the firm which was founded by his grandparents. He is hired to solve problems regarding the kidnapping of a young heiress but not being that smart he deduces wrong things and tries to prove them right and ends up making a fool out of himself. Candy’s fans will love his funny accent in this movie.

8. Only the Lonely

Only the LonelyRelease date – May 24, 1991
Rate– 3/10
Director– Chris Columbus
Cast– John Candy, Maureen O’Hara, Ally Sheedy.

John Candy plays the son of Maureen O’ Haraand is a cop who is trying to balance the loyalty between his mother and his wife. He starts seeing a girl, but his mother doesn’t like her. So she tries to shift him to another city. That’s where the ambiguity hits him, and he had to choose between his mother and the girl he likes.

7. Canadian Bacon

Canadian BaconRelease date – September 22, 1995
Rate– 9/10
Director– Michael Moore
Cast– John Candy, Alan Alda, Rhea Perlman.

This movie revolves around a US president who is low in opinion polls due to a bad change in the American economy. He is willing to start a war against Russia, but the Russians aren’t interested, so instead, they start a cold war against Canada which in turn gives him popularity again. Candy fans can expect something of different taste in this one.

6. The Great Outdoors

The Great OutdoorsRelease date – June 17, 1988
Rate– 6/10
Director– Howard Deutch
Cast– Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, Stephanie Faracy.

In this one, John Candy plays a role of a man where he takes his family for a vacation, and he is all excited and pumped up for the upcoming adventures and fun though his wife and children are not. Suddenly his in-laws stepped in and caused disturbance to their privacy and deliberately destroys his optimism. Thus a comedic struggle of adjusting to things continues.

5. Brewster’s Millions

Brewster's MillionsRelease date – May 22, 1985
Rate– 5/10
Director– Walter Hill
Cast– Richard Pryor, John Candy, Lonette McKee.

Here the character’s name is Brewster who is a small league baseball player. He never knew that he had a rich relative. The relative tests Brewster if he knows how valuable money is. He gave him $30 Million which he has to spend judicially within 30 days. If he succeeds then, he gets another $30 Million. The main problem is that he cannot tell anybody what he is doing and that’s where the fun and crazy part of the movie lies.

4. Stripes

StripesRelease date – June 26, 1981
Rate– 9/10
Director– Ivan Reitman
Cast– Bill Murray, John Candy, Harold Ramis.

This is a story of two friends who eventually gets frustrated with their same old job and trying out to do something new of different taste. On the end of a bad day at office one friend convinces another to join the Army. Though none of them are army material, they keep doing the training, and on one fine day, they are been assigned to an overseas mission to Italy to test a new kind of vehicle.

3. Uncle Buck

Uncle BuckRelease date – August 16, 1989
Rate– 7/10
Director– John Hughes
Cast– John Candy, Macaulay Culkin, Jean Louisa Kelly.

It is a heart-warming family comedy kind of movie. Here John plays the character of Uncle Buck who is a bachelor and babysits his Nephew and Niece. For not being habituated to the suburban life he does things is such a way it will make one laugh out hard. With a sprinkle of luck, he managed to keep everyone happy and surprised at the very same time.

2. Cool Runnings

Cool Runnings-John Candy moviesRelease date – October 1, 1993
Rate– 9/10
Director– Jon Turteltaub
Cast– John Candy, Leon, Doug E. Doug.

A boy fails to qualify for the 100-yard sprint for the Olympics, and then he decides to meet his father’s friend who was also a sprinter but got disqualified from the Olympics for purring extra weight. They create a Bobsledding team in Jamaica and then participate again in the Olympics to fulfill their dreams. This adventure and comedy filled one and a half hour movie has many flavors then it looks like.

1. Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Planes, Trains & Automobiles-John Candy moviesRelease date– November 25, 1987
Rate -6/10
Director– John Hughes
Cast– Steve Martin, John Candy, Laila Robins.

John plays a role who wants to go to his home for Thanksgiving, but the bad weather makes it difficult. The flight gets canceled, and he decides to head towards home by other means of transports. He meets a man at the airport who is never short of advice and bad jokes. Unfortunately, he gets to find out that this man is also going the same way and travels home with him for three days.

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