Top 10 Best Halloween Inflatable Costumes Everyone Want To Try

It is all about making some events memorable, and Halloween inflatable costumes are right ingredients of the same. However, you won’t have an easy time.

Despite being a challenge, the fun when it comes to finding the right costume is undeniable. Fortunately, one has a lot to choose from. That also has a downside. Not all of them are good for the occasion hence end up being a waste of money. That brings the need to seek assistance from the experts.

If that is what you are looking for, this is the best landing page ever. Check out the top 10 best inflatable Halloween costumes.

Top 10 Best Halloween Inflatable Costumes

10. Inflatable Hippo

Inflatable Hippo - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Rubies again have yet other funny Halloween inflatable costumes with an amusing shape. The ensemble brings enjoyment in your celebrations by providing funny moments for you to enjoy.

This item has a hippo design standing upright to bring a unique scene to your celebrations. It has a decorative design that makes this item a watchable site.


  • 100% polyester fabric material for a remarkable stretch.
  • Hand wash for easy washing maintenance and stress-free washing job.
  • Imported hence take fans to different countries for a colorful Halloween eve

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9. VOCOO Inflatable Costume

VOCOO Inflatable Costume - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Vicious Halloween inflatable costumes is yet another choice of your lovely funny attire. They are a whole body suit sourcing a huge comic human figure. The figure is enough to make great excitements.

This item has a design of a huge man who has a funny shape to excite your children and adults. The design brings about a strange figure that looks like a foreign creature.


  • 100% polyester material for stretching and durability.
  • A set of inflatable suit, cap, gloves and shoe cover.
  • Inflatable motor powered by 4AA batteries.
  • Waterproof material.
  • Lightweight design.

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8. Disguise Men’s White Baymax

Disguise Men's White Baymax - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Disguise White Baymax Halloween inflatable costumes are fancy costumes made for men. It comes to make your Halloween celebrations more colorful and funny. With a shape of a mighty man, the site becomes exciting creating a memorable moment.

The item has a design if a gigantic man when inflated to create an extraordinary scene. This design provides for irresistible laughter’s and excitements making your creations a place to relax.


  • Hand wash cleaning enabled for secure and non-corrosive cleaning.
  • Imported to most countries for fans during celebrations.
  • 100% other fiber materials to bring an environmentally friendly product.

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7. Inflatable Costume Parrot

Inflatable Costume Parrot - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Yunzhen business has Halloween inflatable costumes which are modeled as a parrot. It also brings a funny moment in your celebrations when you intend to entertain your visitors.

This item has a design of a parrot when inflated. It is also a bird themes costume for increased fancy ideas. The design also provides for every fun during the Halloween celebrations.


  • Waterproof polyester fabrics material for a long life costume.
  • Parrot shape for transformation from a man to a bird.
  • Blow up suit requiring 4 AA batteries as the source of inflator power.

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6. Inflatable Ostrich

Inflatable Ostrich - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Ostrich Halloween inflatable costume from Rubie’s gives fun to both adult and children in their celebrations. This is a bird themed outfit that can be ridden with fun and enjoyment.

The item has an ostrich design making it a bird themed costume that provides even more fun and enjoyment. This design transforms the user from a man to a bird which is very funny and incredible.


  • Imported for the taste of almost all countries.
  • An environmentally friendly material of 100% polyester.
  • Hand washes for easy and convenient cleaning for cost-free maintenance.

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5. YEAHBEER Inflatable Sumo

YEAHBEER Inflatable Sumo - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Year beer Halloween inflatable costume is yet another source of fun in your Halloween eve. It is ideal for children as well as adults in their fun moments. This is a cute and convenient to put on or off big and lovely dinosaur shaped costume to make fun with.

The item has a design that combines the ideas for your fancy dress, whether in a party or other Halloween celebrations. The walking design if this costume gives the celebrators tremendous and funny moment. It is ideal for almost all the festivities that come on your way.


  • Coming in 2 sizes for a variety to choose between.
  • Animal illusion provision for a piggyback ride.
  • 4 AA batteries power source for inflating the costume

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4. Star Wars Inflatable Jabba the Hut

Star Wars Inflatable Jabba the Hut - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

A star wars Halloween inflatable costume from Rubie’s.  This is an adult Jabba the Hut costume which is officially licensed for episode 7. It comfortably rolls with things like spunky tiny avoid from star wars to refresh the war memories.

This item has a design of a star war solder protective clothing that can easily make you roll. The design also provides for the funny shape of tiny avoid from star wars known as spunky.


  • Hand wash for easy and quick cleaning after use for future Halloween seasons
  • 100% polyester material for durability and environmental care.
  • Imported item for the countries that value the Halloween eve.

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3. Ghostbusters Inflatable Costumes

Ghostbusters Inflatable Costumes - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Rubies are never left behind when it comes to entertainments. Ghostbusters Halloween inflatable costumes make your children feel included and entertained in Halloween season. It gives a funny figure that is enjoyed by your kids.

This item has a design of a ghost that looks very funny. The scary design also provides for the scene but where all the eyes are attracted to in or funny games related to Ghostbusters.


  • Pure polyester made for durability and value of your money.
  • Imported in countries where Halloween seasons are .highly celebrated.
  • Hand washes for convenient and safe maintenance.

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2. BB-8 Inflatable Costume

BB-8 Inflatable Costume - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

Make your holiday enjoyable with the use of Rubies Halloween inflatable costumes. The star war episode 7 gives your children a lovely Halloween mood. Let your children stretch their creative muscles while having fun by introducing this item in your Halloween season.

This item has a design if star war episode 7 costume for great fun. The design captures a funny soldier that cannot be easily identified by bringing more fun to your children.


  • 100% polyester material garment with the combination if 97% polyester shirt and 3% spandex.
  • Authorized Star wars episode 7 costume for war funs.
  • Imported to many countries for Halloween holidays.

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1. LuckySun Inflatable T-rex Pterosaur

LuckySun  Inflatable T-rex Pterosaur - Halloween Inflatable Costumes

The Lucky sun Adult Halloween inflatable costumes make your Halloween celebrations. This is a Dinosaur shaped inflatable costume coming G with an exclusive drawing string bag for the easy pack after use.

This item has a funny design of dinosaur that gives fun to your visitors during the Halloween eve. The item has a specific design meant for those who love their country because all the materials used are environmentally friendly.


  • Red and blue color for a perfect color match.
  • Require 4 AA batteries or power bank as the source of power.
  • 100% polyester material for durability and environmental friendliness.

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You have all that you need to stand out from the rest come the Halloween eve. With either of the inflatable Halloween costumes, you can be sure of a great experience. They give you an opportunity to be what you want to be. The muscle men and dinosaurs are such looks.

When it comes to animals, there are multiple options as well. From alligators to elephants to kangaroos, there is a lot to choose from no doubt. With the above choices and the detailed descriptions, one thing is for sure.

The selection will be based on facts hence the right one. Do not throw away such a chance by relying on guesswork.

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