Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets That Are Sure To Improve Your Experience

Gaming without high-quality gaming headsets is never enjoyable to the fullest. While you might spend thousands of dollars to set up a perfect gaming computer or laptop, it will be ineffective without perfect sound quality. The sound of the games you play will give you the thrills and chills that drive to gamers crazy.

Therefore, you need to invest equally to get some gaming headsets to enhance your gaming experience. A heading headset is expensive than a usual headset but the price is totally worth the product. The following top 10 best gaming headsets from popular brands are ready to provide the ultimate gaming experience.

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets In 2022

10. VersionTech G2000

VersionTech G2000 - Best Gaming Headsets

This gaming headset not just performs well but also looks very attractive. It comes with LED lights which makes it look very unique. You can use it with your PC, laptop, Mac, Nintendo, PS4, and Xbox One. It is designed with camouflage patterns and has got a metal lock.

The headset offers crystal clear sound and has got a precision of 50 mm. It is also very comfortable to put on and there is an in-line controller for volume. There is also a mic mute button. The ears pads are very skin friendly and will give you comfort.


  • 3D Stereo Surround sound field with wrapped cushion.
  • Universal compatibility with amazing sound clarity.
  • The bestseller in the Xbox 360 headset category.

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9. HyperX Cloud II

HyperX Cloud II - Best Gaming Headsets

In this gaming headset, you will be finding a USB audio sound card which will provide you with virtual sound. The inline soundcard in it will enable you to cancel noise and echo. It has got a frequency response of 15 to 25 kHz and the driver magnets are 53 mm.

It is optimized with voice chat and is compatible with many devices including Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Mac. The ambient noise attenuation is 20 dBa. The headset also includes a detachable microphone which allows you to make voice chatting. It comes with a unique serial number which ensures that you get the genuine product.


  • Virtual Surround sound technology.
  • Noise cancellation mechanism for voice chat.
  • Memory foam pads with a detachable mic.

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8. ONIKUMA Gaming Headset

ONIKUMA Gaming Headset - Best Gaming Headsets

This is a very impressive headset which has got a 50 mm diver. The impedance rate is 16 Ohm and the frequency range is 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This is designed for gaming purpose but you can also use it for listening to music and other purposes.

The microphone is enabled with noise canceling technique and it has got an anti-static body. It enables you to hear a clear voice and is also very comfortable when you put it on. The ear foam has got bionic protein cushion to provide you with additional comfort. If you are looking for heavy-duty and highly durable gaming headsets, this is a perfect choice for you.


  • True immersive sound quality for an ultimate gaming experience.
  • Superior noise cancellation technology for a microphone.
  • Wrapped cushion coat with foamed earcup for comfortable.

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7. Razer ManO’War

Razer ManO'War - Best Gaming Headsets

In this gaming headset, the left ear cup is concealed and includes a digital microphone. It is compatible with various devices like Pc, laptop, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It will offer you virtual surround sound as if you are present in a real battlefield.

There are many quick action controls like adjusting the volume, mic and mute. You can concentrate on your game without touching your device. This is one of the all-rounder gaming headsets that are attractive in design ok and robust in functionalities.


  • Lag-free, high-grade audio clarity.
  • Virtual surround sound technology for high performance.
  • Concealed ear cups to cancel all outside noise.
  • Unlimited lighting profiles for ultimate gaming mood.

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6. BENGOO Stereo

BENGOO Stereo - Best Gaming Headsets

This is another gaming headset which is camouflaged and has lighting effects. It has got soft memory earmuffs and you can use it various gadgets. It has also got a subwoofer and includes a magnetic neodymium driver. This is very solid and designed for game lovers.

The microphone is able to isolate the noise and is able to pick up the sound with sensitivity. The mic is long and is convenient for adjusting the angle. It not just performs well but is also very comfortable. It is made up of skin-friendly material and will not get destroyed even when used for longer durations.


  • Stereo subwoofer with strong bass and noise isolation.
  • Noise concealing for microphone and voice chat.
  • Quick action controls with a braided cable.

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5. SteelSeries Arctis 3

SteelSeries Arctis 3 - Best Gaming Headsets

This gaming headset is comfortable to wear and has got a remarkable sound quality. You can use it on many devices and could be used for all gaming platforms. It produced sound with ultra-low distortion for you to enjoy your games as well as movies and music. There is also a mic which offers clear sound.

The headset is very stylish and is designed to give an athletic-inspired performance. It will also give you comfort as it has got AirWeave cushions for your ears. It has got S1 speaker drivers which produce a detailed soundscape. There is also a ski goggle suspension band and it is ultra-lightweight.


  • Superior sound quality with comfort and style.
  • Studio quality voice clarity and balanced soundscape.
  • Advanced drivers for negligible distortion.

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CORSAIR VOID PRO - Best Gaming Headsets

This is a surround sound headset which has got a cable length of 1.8 meters. The headset has got microfiber mesh and memory foam which will give comfort. It has got neodymium speaker drivers and performs with accuracy. The headset has also got a microphone which includes an indicator for reducing the ambient noise.

It has got 7.1 surround sound systems with multi-channel audio. You will not only listen to outstanding sound but will also be able to make crystal clear communication. The gaming headset is customizable and is available in many colors. The impedance rate 32k Ohms and it is also very lightweight.


  • Outstanding comfort for long hours of continuous usage.
  • Low ambient noise and better voice clarity.
  • Immersive multi-channel Dolby audio.

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3. SteelSeries Siberia 800 Lag-Free

SteelSeries Siberia 800 Lag-Free - Best Gaming Headsets

With this SteelSeries headset, you will be getting lag-free sound. It is wireless and offers 2.4 GHz of audio. The battery will last for over 20 hours with a single charge and there is also an OLED transmitter. This will enable you to control the audio and also charges the batteries. It has got 7.1 surround sound system and is compatible with various devices like Mobile, Switch, Xbox One, Mac, PS4, and VR.

To provide you with a long-lasting comfort, the headset has got memory foam cushions. There are also on-ear controls for adjusting volume settings and mute. This is one of the highly rated and bestselling gaming headsets available.


  • Wireless headset with nearly a day’s backup.
  • Dolby Surround sound with the enhanced gaming experience.
  • On-ear controls with thick memory foam wrapped.

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2. HyperX Cloud Revolver S

HyperX Cloud Revolver S - Best Gaming Headsets

With this gaming headset, you will be able to enjoy studio-grade audio. It has got HyperX memory foam which also includes leather. The construction includes a strong steel frame and there is also a detachable microphone which is able to perform various activities. It weighs 376 grams and has got the feature of noise cancellation.

It offers USB ‘Plug N Play’ and offers surround sound. You can use it many gadgets like Mac, PC, laptop, PS4, Xbox One, and VR. This can also be used with your mobile phone. It also includes 50 mm drivers and comes with a unique serial number.


  • A studio like sound quality with enhanced bass.
  • The steel frame is durable and can take bumps.
  • Next-generation drivers for advance sound clarity.

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1. Sennheiser 506080

Sennheiser 506080 - Best Gaming Headsets

You will be getting extreme sound clarity with this headset. It has got exchangeable cables and works on platforms like Mac, PC, Console, tablets, and mobiles. The microphone has got a noise-canceling feature which will provide you with crystal clear audio. There is also a mute button on the microphone which allows you to concentrate on your game.

There is integrated volume control and has got velvet ear pads for providing additional comfort for your ears. It has got an open-back design which allows you to monitor accurate sound clarity. Due to its construction, and audio output, it rules over other gaming headsets.


  • The best sound quality and clarity for gaming.
  • Crystal clear voice chat with almost no noise.
  • Velvet ear pads and memory foam wrapped.

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There are various parameters you have to keep in mind while buying gaming headsets. If you choose between wired and wireless ones. The wired ones are more durable and less expensive. But the wireless ones are more comfortable and you can play games from a certain distance comfortably.

You have to check whether the gaming headset is providing surround sound or not. The surround sound technology makes the game feel realistic and the gaming experience will be ultimate. Furthermore, check the compatibility and functionalities with controls.

If you do not have time to check all these parameters, you can choose any of the above products. They have all the features and functionalities gaming headsets should have.