Top 10 Best Electric Knives For Effortless Meat-Carving Every Time

The entrance of electric knives into the market came to simplify almost everything. That is not only for the professional but also the novice cooks. For that reason, tasks that people found difficult became a piece of cake.

For instance, cutting huge chunks of meat and turkeys as well as hams turned to be as easy as chopping onions. In addition to simplification, the precision and consistency of portions moved to a whole new level.

However, at no time, the options were too many. That is why people have trouble selecting the best. If you are one of them, look no further. We have a list of the top 10 best electric knives in 2018.

Top 10 Best Electric Knives in 2018

10. Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife

Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife - Electric Knives

Mister Twister electric knives are 120V products with a combination of green and yellow color. It features more cutting torque, heavy-duty bearings, and gears. The product’s hand design is comfortable and relaxing.

This product combines two awesome colors which deliver a great look. It uses a voltage of up to 120V. The blade release feature is safe and comfortable. It also includes a safety lock which eliminates accidents. This product uses a modern action which is great and functional.


  • Dimensions are 8 by 12 by 2 inches.
  • They are safe and easy to use.
  • Its soft handle delivers a comfortable grip.
  • The maximum voltage put into use is up to 120 volts.
  • It includes a high-quality safety lock to keep children safe.

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9. Rapala RRFNSC Lithium Ion

Rapala RRFNSC Lithium Ion - Electric Knives

Rapala electric knives are sturdy, reliable knives using advanced modern technology. It is a power-saving product. Therefore, economical and efficient to use. Purchase one of these products and achieve maximum cutting efficiency.

This is a stylish knife with a noise-free operation. That means comfort is an assurance. Charging the knife will take a maximum of 2 hours. It comes with a 110V charger to keep it running.


  • The manufacturing company offers a 12-month warranty to the customers.
  • It has seven modern reciprocating blades.
  • The handle is comfortable. Therefore, easy to use.
  • It operates while noise-free.

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8. Oster FPSTEK2803B

Oster FPSTEK2803B - Electric Knives

Oster electric knives are easy to grip knives with a modern style and functionality. It comes with a carrying case for safe and easy transportation. The complete set also includes a high-quality fork. With this product, your cooking is easier.

This product has a stylish design and a classy design. It is made in a way that its stainless blade is removable. The special cutting tip improves its performance. This product’s design is in such a way that using it is super easy and comfortable. For easy transportation, the manufacturers offer a storage case.


  • Dimensions are 3 by 6.2 by 12.6 inches.
  • The blade’s material is stainless steel material.
  • Its handle is safe and comfortable.
  • This product comes with a carrying case for easy portability.
  • It comes with a carving fork.

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7. Proctor Silex 74311 Easy Slice

Proctor Silex 74311 Easy Slice - Electric Knives

Proctor Silex electric knives are white easy to use products. They feature a slim blade and a wide handle. Its model is in such a way that less effort is necessary when using it. This item is the ideal electric knife that every kitchen needs.

This knife has an easy to handle design which eases the work. It is lightweight. Therefore, easy to use and transport. The blade’s material is stainless steel. As a result of that, it is durable and reliable. Its white finish makes it classy and elegant.


  • They are lightweight and hence portable.
  • Its handle is comfortable for easy use.
  • Dimensions are 11.3 by 3.8 by 2.6 inches.
  • It operates under a single-button control.
  • The blades’ material of construction is stainless steel.

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6. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife - Electric Knives

Rapala electric knives are heavy-duty products with a long electric cable for power connection. The product has double the blade speed of a normal knife. It includes safety features and high-quality working features. As a result of that, the results are excellent.

This product features a thin blade with a large handle. This delivers a comfortable grip to the user. It is dishwasher-safe. Therefore, easy to clean. The long power cable eases your kitchen working at all times.


  • Dimensions are 2.2 by 6 by 15.8 inches.
  • It includes an efficient heavy-duty motor.
  • Its material of construction is high-quality.
  • The blades are dishwasher safe.
  • These knives are powerful and efficient.

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5. Cuisinart CEK-120

Cuisinart CEK-120 - Electric Knives

Cuisinart electric knives are cordless electric products with a modern handle and a slightly slim blade. Its black finish makes it suitable for different kitchen decors. The included safety lock gives the parents peace of mind.

This is a stylish electric knife with advanced cutting technology. It is designed to cut through different foods such are vegetables, meat, bread and others. This product has an inbuilt DC Motor which powers its operation.


  • Dimensions are 3 by 13.2 by 10.2 inches.
  • The knife features two serrated blades made of stainless steel.
  • An operational inbuilt DC motor powers it.
  • The manufacturers also include a safety lock for maximum safety.
  • They cut different types of food.

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4. Hamilton Beach Ergonomically Designed

Hamilton Beach Ergonomically Designed - Electric Knives

Hamilton Beach electric knives are modern electric operating knives with a unique design. It has a soft and wide handle which delivers a comfortable grip. As a result of that, using the knife is easy. This product comes with a carrying case to hold and transport the knife.

This product has a modern style which is elegant and classy. The knife achieves precise slices with less effort. Its blade is of stainless steel material. The blade is easy to remove for easy cleaning. It is an ideal product for slicing and carving meat.


  • It requires less labor and skills.
  • This product comes with a carrying case for easy transportation.
  • Dimensions are 6.9 by 3.2 by 13.4 inches.
  • It features a removable blade for ease when cleaning.

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3. Cuisinart CEK-50

Cuisinart CEK-50 - Electric Knives

Cuisinart electric knives are black and require less power to deliver an excellent cutting and slicing job. It also features a safety lock which guarantees the security of the users. This product is made to slice different foods at different times.

This product has a stylish design and construction which is classy and durable. It has an inbuilt motor which powers the knife. The blades’ are of stainless steel material. This product has a wood-made storage tray which stores the knives.


  • It has a built-in powerful motor.
  • This product comes with an instruction book on how to use it.
  • The knife features two high-quality blades.
  • The blades are of solid stainless steel material.
  • Its manufacturer offers a full three years warranty on the item.

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BLACK+DECKER EK500B 9-Inch - Electric Knives

These electric knives are the ultimate knives that every kitchen needs. They combine style, comfort, and functionality. As a result of that, they deliver nothing but total perfection. Purchase this today and experience great kitchen experience.

This knife has a modern and unique design which is visually appealing. It is available in two different colors. Therefore, you can settle for your best. It comes with a safety lock button mechanism which guarantees the security of your kids. Cleaning the product is fast and easy.


  • Dimensions are 12.4 by 2.8 by 3.2 inches.
  • It has a blade-release button which eases use.
  • This product is dishwasher-safe.
  • The blades are of stainless steel material.
  • It has a comfortable grip handle.

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1. Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife (74275)

Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife (74275) - Electric Knives

Hamilton electric knives are the ultimate products from our list. It comes with a case which eases storage and transportation. This product has a wide handle and slim-size blade which guarantees excellence. With this product, perfection is an assurance.

This product has a stylish and functional design which is high-quality. It does not require sharpening, hence maintaining it is easy. The blades’ material of construction is high-quality stainless steel which is durable and reliable. It has an easy to clean mechanism.


  • It is fast and easy to clean.
  • Dimensions are 6.9 by 3.2 by 13.4 inches.
  • They carve and slice food easily.
  • Its blade is of a stainless steel material which is reliable.

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The list of the best electric knives considered all the necessary factors. They include handles, blades, length of the cord as well as sturdiness. Others are precision when it comes to cutting, ease of operation and design.

The fact that they are electric means that you just plug in and it starts working. However, that does not mean that no need for even a little effort. That is why you need to choose wisely.

Also, consider what you intend to cut. The good thing is that those critical details are also at your disposal. Don’t forget to think about what you cut and how often you do. With that, the buying decision will be smooth and wise.