30 Best DIY Ombre Projects and Crafts

If you have no clue what Ombre is, you should know that it’s a colour gradient so modern and serene, that different Ombre variations are gaining wide popularity. They’re being used on almost all design projects. Ombre effects are seen in home décor, fashion, cooking, art, and even hair colouring. There are a lot of ways in which you can use Ombre Gradients to customize the look of your home or wardrobe. Instead of buying items from stores with Ombre Gradients, you can make an entire Ombre theme for your home or wardrobe using DIY materials, craft supplies, and of course; lots of colours to mix and match different shades and make your own Ombre Gradient scale.

Below are 30 Best DIY Ombre Projects and Crafts that you can try to use the magic of Ombre in utility and décor items. They’re inexpensive and fascinating projects for you to incorporate in your next DIY session.

30 Best DIY Ombre Projects and Crafts

1.Ombre Lampstand

Ombre Lampstand


Make this alluring Ombre Lampstand using spray paint in shades of Window, Aqua, Fresh Blue, and Ivory Silk for a very soothing aura across your bedroom.

2. Ombre Onesie

 Ombre Onesie

Onesies are incredibly comfortable to wear. So, if you have a plain white onesie, brighten it up by dipping it in Ombre dye.

3. Ombre Wallpaper

 Ombre Wallpaper

An Ombre wallpaper is a quick fix for a plain wall and will look amazing if you complement it with appropriate furniture and décor.

4. Ombre Tablecloth

Ombre Tablecloth

Whip out these beautiful tablecloths for parties after turning them into a magnificent blue Ombre DIY.

5. Ombre Utensils

 Ombre Utensils

Turn your boring looking utensils into this fab aqua and teal amber DIY. Cooking will never be a drag again.

6. Ombre Petal Cake

Ombre Petal Cake

Nobody can resist eating this stunning Ombre petal cake. Use colour frosting to turn a plain crumb coated cake into this Ombre delight.

7. Ombre Journals

 Ombre Journals

Journals are the best for experimenting with. Use handmade gelato Ombre paper to transform boring looking journal covers into Ombre extravaganzas.

8. Ombre Glittered Candle Holders

Ombre Glittered Candle Holders

These fantastic glittery candle holders are best for lighting scented candles and will look marvellous when placed on your shelf or table.

9. Ombre Tote Bag

Ombre Tote Bag

Plain Canvas Tote bags are incredibly useful and can be made magical with Ombre DIY for a very girly look.

10. Ombre Calendar

Ombre Calendar

This Ombre Calendar will make the perfect gift for Ombre lovers to see the date and admire your handiwork.

11. Ombre Trash Can

Ombre Trash Can

Who said Trash Cans had to reek and look ugly? Clean out your garbage in style with this Ombre trash can made with a storage canister and colourful scrapbook paper.

12. Ombre Necklace

Ombre Necklace

Play with serene Ombre shades by stringing together buttons to make this funky Ombre necklace that you can flaunt with a cool outfit.

13. Ombre Dresser

Ombre Dresser

Your kids will love the dresser painted Ombre using shades of chalk paint. This is a smart way to get beautiful looking furniture without spending too much.

14. Ombre Paper Loop Wreath

Ombre Paper Loop Wreath

An Ombre Loop Wreath is great to hang around the house and is made by stringing together card stock paper in Ombre shades around a wreath foam.

15. Ombre Tinted Mason Jars

Ombre Tinted Mason Jars

Make these Ombre tinted mason jar flower pots by gluing food colouring on to them in the most serene shades of blue Ombre.

16. Ombre Twig Monogram

Ombre Twig Monogram

Make a monogram of your favourite letter by sticking twigs on to a wooden monogram cut out and then painting it Ombre.

17. Ombre Christmas Tree

Ombre Christmas Tree

Make an Ombre Christmas tree this Christmas that everyone will admire. Combine shades of spray paint to transform an ordinary Christmas tree into an Ombre beauty.

18. Ombre Spoons Mirror

Ombre Spoons Mirror

Stick plastic spoons across a wreath foam and paint it in Ombre shades to centre a mirror that everyone will love looking at while they cross paths with it.

19. Ombre Shower Curtain

Ombre Shower Curtain

Turn plain curtains around the house by dipping them in Ombre dye shades to enjoy colourful showers night and day.

20. Ombre Baby Nursery

Ombre Baby Nursery

Create a beautiful baby nursery in shades of pink Ombre to make this accent wall. Decorate it as you please.

21. Ombre Pillows

Ombre Pillows

Get rid of boring store-bought cushion pillows and make your own in the loveliest Ombre shades that your guests will love beyond all measure.

22. Ombre Rugs

Ombre Rugs

Ombre Rugs are in fashion and you can either make them yourself using plain rugs and dye them or buy some from a store. You will find a variety of Ombre rugs at Home Décor stores.

23. Ombre Cupcakes

Ombre Cupcakes

Desserts are the best canvases for showcasing your love for Ombre. Make these Ombre Ruffle Cupcakes using Red Velvet Cupcakes and White Frosting finished with the Ombre technique.

24. Ombre Nail Art

Ombre Nail Art

This is an Ombre Nail Art design in Unicorn shades made with rainbow faded glitter. Unleash your Ombre Nails at a party and watch everything else fade into oblivion.

25. Ombre Bannister

Ombre Bannister-DIY Ombre Projects

Bring your home alive by painting your boring bannisters in Ombre Shades and have everyone stare in fascination as they climb this terrific stairway.

26. Ombre Word Art Décor

Ombre Word Art Décor-DIY Ombre Projects

Make a word art using Ombre shades on cardstock and frame it to place it in your living space or gift it to someone on a special occasion.

27. Ombre Mother’s Day Art

Ombre Mother’s Day Art-DIY Ombre Projects

Instead of buying mediocre gifts or just flowers for Mother’s Day, make this beautiful mother’s day art with some special words for your Mom and enjoy her beautiful smile as she adores your art.

28. Ombre Heart Shadow Box

Ombre Heart Shadow Box-DIY Ombre Projects

This Heart Shadow Box will look amazing as it hangs on your wall and is made using paints and glue gun.

29. Ombre Shoes

Ombre Shoes-DIY Ombre Projects

These Ombre Shoes are a great way of transforming a pair of plain white sneakers with fancy Ombre shades using fabric paint.

30. Ombre Abstract Painting

Ombre Abstract Painting-DIY Ombre Projects

This may look difficult to make; but even if you need some help, don’t give up on this captivating Ombre painting that will change the look of your plain wall completely.


These 30 Best DIY Ombre Projects and Crafts are pretty ambitious and demand a lot of artsy skill. Take the time to perfect them or seek the help of someone with an eye for detail and your Ombre Project is sure to be a success.

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