21 Best Animal Selfies of all Time

Animal Selfies are the most difficult selfies to achieve because animals are quite unpredictable and frankly not very into selfies. But those who’ve managed to get up close and personal with the cutest animals in the wild or with their pets have managed to click some amazing selfies. Exotic animal selfies are taken using a camera trapping method which uses motion sensing technology to capture hilarious animal selfies. Wildlife enthusiasts and photographers are all taking animal selfies as they bond with wild animals on their expeditions. On the other hand, pet owners are also taking splendid selfies with their pets and sharing them on social media for everyone to admire and laugh at.

Although the results are fascinating, you should know that it’s not easy to get a selfie with animals because you have to get into close proximity with them which may cause quite a few unpleasant and painful situations for both the animal and for the human. You first have to befriend them and gain their trust before you can hope to get a selfie with them. The slightest mistake, and your selfie partner will run away into the wild. Here are 21 best animal selfies of all time that will entertain you non-stop:

21 Best Animal Selfies of all Time

1. Angry Chicken Selfie

Angry Chicken Selfie


This angry chicken raging at the camera is scary and hilarious at the same time. We don’t know how he managed to express his displeasure on camera, but he sure is scorching the screen with his fire.

2. Self-Portrait Selfie

Self-Portrait Selfie

This female Celebes Crested Macaque showing her beautiful teeth while she clicks a selfie is the cutest and the funniest ever. The camera belonged to photographer David Slater but was captured by this funny monkey.

3. Quokka Selfie

 Quokka Selfie

This funny and fast Quokka selfie is so adorable and funny that you just can’t stop looking at his chubby face. The guy on the other hand looks hilarious.

4. Crazy Husky Selfie

Crazy Husky Selfie


Huskies are the best companions and they never refrain from entertaining their humans with their wild and crazy side, as is evident in this selfie.

5. Cat and Gang Selfie

Cats take their gangs seriously. The Rottweilers at the back look dead serious about this, resulting in a fabulous gang selfie.

Cat and Gang Selfie

6. Joey Selfie

Joey Selfie


This little Joey is thoroughly surprised to see himself on camera and his human couldn’t help but mimic his adorable reaction.

7. Emu Photobomb Selfie

Emu Photobomb Selfie


This Emu wants to show how happy he is with his cute smile. But what he doesn’t realise is that he has brilliantly photobombed his human’s perfect picture.

8. Mommy Cat and Kitten Selfie

Mommy Cat and her Kitten want to show just how chill they are in this adorable selfie. Little kitten seems to be cuddling to his momma with all the love and mommy cat is proud of her perfect creation.

Mommy Cat and Kitten Selfie

9. Koala Selfie

Koala Selfie


This Koala seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself with something. We don’t know what he’s looking at, but his human sure has captured the moment perfectly.

10. Seal Photobomb

 Seal Photobomb

This Seal seems to be having the time of his life as he ruins a perfect penguin raft photo with his silliness.

11.Surprised Monkey Selfie

Surprised Monkey Selfie

This Monkey was minding his own business until this young lady decided to give him a scare with her enthusiasm. Nevertheless, the reaction captured is funny as hell.

12. Happy Horse Selfie

 Happy Horse Selfie

This Handsome guy is just very pleased to be in a selfie and shyly poses for the camera with a sweet smile.

13. Gansta Cat Selfie

Cat selfies are the best because they can’t help show their dark side even on camera. This cat has an adorably evil look and he’s proud of it.

Gansta Cat Selfie

14. Duck Selfie

Duck Selfie


What should have been a panoramic view of the long road ahead is now a photobomb by the cutest and most curious duck ever.

15. Penguin Selfie

Penguin Selfie

This penguin gives us a bird’s eye view of the insides of his beak in the most hilarious penguin selfie ever.

16. Turtle Selfie

This turtle has had enough of the human’s weird antics and shoos him away because he has far more important things to attend to.

Turtle Selfie

17. Kitten Selfie

Kitten Selfie


This kitten is trying to show his cute side in the hope that his human will forget all the terrible things he did all day.

18. Sloth Selfie

Sloth Selfie

This Sloth just took out some time off his long, slow day to share this bright-eyed, pleasing selfie for his human fans.

19. Llama Selfie

This Llama displays his goofiness beautifully on camera and the result is a hilarious, toothy selfie.

Llama Selfie

20.Mountain Lion Selfie

This is an adorable selfie by a Mountain Lion looking like a pretty little kitty as he tries to figure out the camera.

Mountain Lion Selfie

21. Monkey Selfie

Monkey Selfie-Animal Selfies


This monkey wants to show just how chill he is as he takes a selfie hanging around against a terrific backdrop.

Animal Selfies are the most adorable and hilarious you can ever see because capturing animals as their wild, naughty, and funny selves results in the cutest pictures to share with your friends and have a laugh about.++

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