Top 10 Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses 2018

Beautiful women have always been what have made men weak in the knees, but exotic women from around the world have a certain beauty to them that few women can touch. Whether it is elegance in their eyes or the curve of their body, exotic women know how to keep bringing people into the realm of their beauty. The list of beautiful Mexican actresses below, are examples of the exotic women that many seem to fall for.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Mexican Actresses 2018

10. Maria Fernanda Romero

Maria Fernanda Romero - beautiful mexican actresses

Maria Fernanda Romero, was born on January 1, 1983, and she started her career at 18 in ads, like Rock and Republic, Clean and Clear, Pepsi, Apple, and J.C. Penney. She also made an appearance some well known magazines as well, such as GQ Mexico and OK Magazine. Maria Fernanda Romero started her acting career as a host of the Univision television show Control , followed by an appearance on the Telemundo telenovela La Ley del Silencio. She soon had her first feature role, in Creature of Darkness, and several roles that followed afterwards. Maria has also had a singing career, which began when she joined BMG’s recording ensemble group, Frizzby, who toured Central America and performed for Pope John Paul II at Estadio Azteca in Mexico City. Maria Fernando is the number ten Most Beautiful Mexican Actress in 2018.

9. Angelique Boyer

Angelique Boyer - beautiful mexican actresses

This bombshell was born in Saint-Claude, Jura, France on July 4, 1988. She is a French-Mexican actress, and she moved to Mexico with her family when she was two years old. Although she is an actress, model, and singer, her career took off when she started playing secondary roles in telenovelas, such as Rebelede and Muchachitas como tu. She was soon given her first protagonist role in 2010 in Teresa, a 1959 telenovela remake. In Teresa, Boyer played the main character, Teresa Chavez, Aguirre, a woman who used her beauty to escape an impoverished life in Mexico. Her role in Teresa helped her receive rave reviews and helped her win the Premios TVy Novelas for “Best Actress of the Year,” in 2011. Angelique Boyer comes in at number in for the Most Beautiful Mexican Actress in 2018.

8. Aracely Arambula

Aracely Arambula - beautiful mexican actresses

Mexico born actress, Aracely Arambula, was born March 6, 1975 and this beauty began her entertainment career as a model, singer, and actress. At 13 Aracely began her road to fame and entertainment, by participating in beauty pageants. Her career really took off in 1996, when she won El rostro de El Heraldo de Mexico. She took acting by taking on small roles in telenovelas, like Prisionera de amor and Acapulco. Even though Aracely’s acting took off in 1996, she still followed her love of singing also by starting her singing career, singing nursery rhymes as a tribute to Francisco Gabilondo Soler. Along with her acting, singing, and modeling career, Aracely has lent her image to a perfume and cosmetics company in Mexico and her and her brother own a spa together in Mexico City. Aracely is number eight on the list of being the Most Beautiful Mexican Actress.

7. Maite Perroni

Maite Perroni - beautiful mexican actresses

This beautiful Mexican singer/songwriter and actress was born on March 9, 1983 and she gained international fame as a member of the Latin Grammy nominated pop group, RBD. She made her acting debut in Rebelde, a telenovela. Her acknowledgement of hard work was given in 2009 when she was named, Queen of the Telenovelas, by Univision. In 2012, Maite Perroni signed a contract with Warner Music Group and the next year she released a solo album, titled, Eclipse de Luna, Along with her acting and singing career, Maite is also a spokesmodel for NYX Cosmetics. In 2007, a Barbie doll version of Maite was released based on her character on Rebelde. Maite, even partnered with National Stores in 2014, to introduce her Coleccion Maite Perroni, a contemporary fashion line, inspired by her favorite designers. Maite sits at number seven for the Most Beautiful Mexican Actress.

6. Ana Brenda Contreras

Ana Brenda Contreras - beautiful mexican actresses

This Mexican actress was born on December 24, 1986 and she not only acts, but sings too. Even though she was born in McAllen, Texas, she moved to Mexico City when she was 15, to join a reality show, called, Pop Stars, where she was a finalist and a group member. In 2003, she joined, Televisa’s CEA to study acting, but in 2005 she made her acting debut, as Juanita, in the telenovela, Barerra de amor. Contreras has played in several roles since her debut acting role, including, protagonist Violeta Madrigal, in Divina Confusion, where was the star. She also portrayed a role in the telenovela, Sortilegio, where she played the character, Maura Albarran. It seems that her star is still rising as she continues to act and make her name known in the entertainment industry. Ana Brenda Contreras is at number six for being the Most Beautiful Actress in 2018.

5. Sandra Echeverria

Sandra Echeverria - beautiful mexican actresses

Sandra Echeverria, a beautiful Mexican actress and singer, was born on December 11, 1984. Her entertainment career started when she was just 14 years old, after joining the group, Perfiles, who later changed their name to, Crush. Sandra recorded two albums and performed at more than 200 concerts with this group. In 2011, she released her first solo album, titled, Sandra Echeverria. However, her acting career took off in 2002, where she starred in T.V. Azteca’s Subete A Mi Moto. After this role, she went on to play more roles in films, such as, Free Style and television movie, 2033. With her fresh and beautiful features, Sandra has continued to get consistent work, where not only her beauty is front and center, but her skills are too. Sandra is number five on the list of being the Most Beautiful Actress in the World.

4. Angelica Vale

Angelica Vale - beautiful mexican actresses

This Mexican beauty, is the daughter of Angelica Maria, Mexico’s sweetheart and Raul Vale, a comedian. Angelica followed in her parents footsteps to become a actress, singer, and comedian. She has worked as an actress for almost 30 years, but achieved fame in 2006, when she played a protagonist in La Fea Mas Bella, a Mexican telenovela. She was even featured on the cover of People en Espanol, “Los 50 Mas Bellos,” in 2007, because of her popularity and the length of her career. Vale even made a guest appearance on the show Ugly Betty.

Along with her acting career, Vale has had a pretty good singing career. She performed on the soundtrack, La Fea Mas Bella, and has done impersonations of singers, Veronica Castro, Shakira, Laura Leon, and Thalia. With her being so popular, she has managed to keep her head with all of the fame. Angelica is number four on the list of being the Most Beautiful Mexican Actress.

3. Barbara Mori

Barbara Mori - beautiful mexican actresses

Starting her career in 1992 as a fashion model at the age of 14 and later made her debut in 1997 in the television hit, Mirada De Mujer. After making her debut in 1997 in acting, she went on to act in an soap opera, called, Azul Tequila. She received her first film role in 2001, in the romantic comedy, Inspiracion. Barbara is not only a model and an actress, but also a producer and writer. She has even starred in several self-produced films and music videos. Her journey of acting led her to do a documentary with a number of other entertainers in 2010, called 1 a Minute, in which she gives her story of being a cancer survivor. At number three, Barbara Mori, is the Most Beautiful Mexican Actress in the World.

2. Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek - beautiful mexican actresses

Salma Hayek is a Mexican American film actress, director, and producer. She started her career on the telenovela, Teresa, and went on to star in El Callejon de los Milagros. She moved to Hollywood in 1991 and furthered her acting career in films, such as, Desperado, From Dusk till Dawn, Wild Wild West, and Dogma. In 2002, she starred in her breakthrough role in ,Frida, where she played the famous Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo. Since her famous role in Frida, she has starred in several movies and television shows, such as Ugly Betty and Grown Ups. Salma Hayek’s roles as well as her beauty has made her made her a household name throughout the world. Salma Hayek, is the number two Most Beautiful Mexican Actress in 2018.

1. Thalia

Thalia - beautiful mexican actresses

Thalia is a beautiful Mexican singer, actress, songwriter, published author, and entrepreneur and she is known worldwide. She is known as the most successful singer recognized by Univision, Televisa, and Azteca, and she also often referred to as the “Queen of Latin Pop.” Apart from being a very well known singer, she has also starred in several successful telenovelas since the 1990’s. After her growing popularity grew in acting, she became known as the “Queen of Telenovelas. In 2011, Terra Networks included her in their list of “most powerful and iconic women in Latin music.” This beautiful lady has also published four books, has her own nationally syndicated radio show, and even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So not only is considered the Most Beautiful Mexican Actress, but also the busiest.


Over the years, the definition of beauty has changed from what people have expected it to be, into what people call exotic and different. In the golden era of acting, some people may have seen the classic blonde haired and blue eyed lady as being the most beautiful in the world, but times have changed. No longer is the expected beauty, what people call beautiful. The world has seen beauty in other parts of the world, which has helped them create a new definition of what beautiful can be.