20+Beautiful Living Rooms with Fireplaces

Fireplaces are not only for their heat generating purpose, they also serve as a cosmetic decoration in a room. Whether it is a natural fireplace or an artificial electric one, fireplaces have got their own char. They bring back the old-school warmth in your rooms, wherever you put them. Beautiful fireplace living rooms can be designed with much class and elegance.

Fireplaces look best in living rooms. Even utility wise they fit best in the living room since this is the place where you would spend most of your time in the day alone, with your family members or with guests. Fireplaces keep you warm and cozy while also beautifully decorating your room. Since wood fireplaces are a lot of work, many people choose to opt for the electric ones. The list below will help you design a perfect living room if you wish to have one with a fireplace.

20+Beautiful Living Rooms with Fireplaces

1. Elongated modern fireplace

If you are looking to design your living room in the most modern way, you would be only too happy to pick this beautiful fireplace living room idea. The length of the fireplace can be coordinated with that of the TV screen length to give it a more symmetrical appearance on the mantel.

Elongated modern fireplace

2. Shelf-like fireplace

If you do not have a TV in your living room, you can design the fireplace in accordance with the shelves of your living room. Again, symmetry should be matched with the overlying shelves to complete the look.

 Shelf-like fireplace

3. Longitudinal fireplace

this three-faced longitudinal fireplace give more visual scope to the onlooker. Also, you can have your seating areas laid on either side of the fireplace this way. If you have a pillar dividing your living room, this would be the best bet to take advantage of the design.

Longitudinal fireplace

4. Contemporary living room fireplace

This design demonstrates a plush living room design with a small fireplace that also has an extended bench/platform on its side. This idea is unique and also gives you a chance to chill near the fir place when you get to cold.

Contemporary living room fireplace

5. Archway design for living room fireplace

This is one of the traditional designs for a fireplace and is best suited for firewood fireplaces. The archway design takes you back centuries to give you a scene just out of a black and white movie.

Archway design for living room fireplace

6. Traditional stone fireplace

The stone base fireplace is one of the safest bets while designing a fireplace. There is no risk involved and it looks magnificent as ever. To make the stone fireplace more gradual, also incorporate stone flooring near it.

Traditional stone fireplace

7. Natural fireplaces design

The wall on which the fireplace reside, is distinguished from the rest of the walls by its special design. This demarcation makes the fireplace appear more natural even in the most modernized homes.

Natural fireplaces design

8. Movable fireplace designs

If you do not believe in elaborate designs, then you would want to settle with one of these modern movable fireplace ideas. The do not occupy too much space and can be conveniently placed anywhere in the room.

 Movable fireplace designs

9. Wall mount electric fireplace

Wall-mount electric fireplaces are hassle free and do not encroach any floor area. They take minimal space but give the same visual affect when lit up. This idea is an outcome of smart designing for homes that require space management.

Wall mount electric fireplace

10. Fireplaces with chute

This fireplace is unique and has a chimney like appearance. The chute can be linked to the ceiling. This kind of fireplace cab be positioned in any part of the living room, center or corner. If you want to step aside from the conventional designs and choose to be different, you would love this design.

Fireplaces with chute

11. Angular fireplace

This little angular fireplace is ideal for the triangular corner of your living room. It can fit into the smallest of the living rooms. Fireplaces like this would transform your tiny living rooms into a cozy den that would be difficult to leave.

Angular fireplace

12. Fireplace on the side

A different design altogether, the fireplace can be positioned on one side of the wall of your living room, instead of fitting it right at the center. You can divide you TV cabinet or the TV wall into two halves and fix the fireplace at one corner.

Fireplace on the side

13. Small fireplace

Design a small mantel in the center of the room to incorporate a small fireplace to transform your living room. The all-white mantel houses an all-black fireplace in this design. This contrast highlights the small fireplace.

 Small fireplace

14. Fireplace positioning idea

It is not necessary to keep the same background design for your fireplace and TV, even if you decide to keep them on the same wall. This contrasting design shoes you how to be different than the usual living room designs.

Fireplace positioning idea

15. Complete stone fireplace design

This design used stone to made the support wall of the fireplace is also made of stone, just like the fireplace itself. This cave-like design gives a retro look to the living room and the cozy quotient is taken further up.

Complete stone fireplace design

16. Traditionally designed fireplace

This little metal cased fire place with wooden background has some Victorian art on the side to give it an artistic appeal like no other design. This option tells you how you can play around with the casing of your fireplace by incorporating your favorite artwork.

Traditionally designed fireplace

17. Fireplace with decorative mirrors

Decorative mirrors are used in this fireplace design to beautifully reflect the light of this cute little fireplace. The mirrors serve to enhance the beauty of the fireplace altogether.

Fireplace with decorative mirrors

18. Brick wall fireplace

The brick wall background given to this fireplace will remind you of bonfires and camping adventures. It also gives your living room a rustic look. Brick walls look beautiful in any setting of a living room.

IBrick wall fireplace

19. Circular fireplace

This hole in the wall fireplace can also sneak into your apartments. It is extremely simple in appearance and take up minimal space on your wall. It is a wall mount design and can easily install as well.

Circular fireplace-Flat screen fireplace

20. Designer fireplace

This design takes fireplace designing to a whole new level. The cosmetic touch added to this fireplace might be the facelift that you were looking for, to transform your living room. Two storage spaces made on either side of the fireplace is for storing the firewoods.

Designer fireplace-Flat screen fireplace

21. Oven like fireplace

This fireplace look just the size of a kitchen oven. The metal electric fireplace can be bordered with wooden panels to give it a more natural look. The background wall is kept simple and sans any decoration to highlight the little fireplace.

Oven like fireplace-Flat screen fireplace

22. Flat screen fireplace

This modern fireplace looks more like a flat screen TV. It is simple and sleek in appearance and is ideal for modern living room designs. If you do not believe in extravagant d├ęcor, then this kind of fireplace should be your thing.

 Flat screen fireplace-Flat screen fireplace