Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses in 2018

Japan is known as the land of the rising sun, and along with that, it is also known for its beautiful Japanese Actresses. In the field of entertainment, the girls look fantastic with their assets and beauty. Japanese Girls are said to have a good physique which makes them appear attractive and bold. They are adored by people all over the world for their flawless skin textures and color. There are many Japanese actors and actresses that currently work in Hollywood and preferred by directors for their amazing acting skills and getting awarded by many prestigious award ceremonies in different genres.

There are numerous talents who are blooming every year from Japan and doing well in modeling as well as acting. And if you think that only USA, Mexico, India, and Italy are the only places where good-looking actresses come from, then you need to check out these beautiful Japanese Actresses who are gracing the screens in Japan.

In this article, we have done the hard work of shortlisting the top 10 most beautiful Japanese actresses in 2018 who are not only talented actress but also are attractive and beautiful at the same time.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Japanese Actresses in 2018

10.  Meisa Kuroki

Meisa Kuroki-Beautiful Japanese Actresses


Date of Birth:  28th May 1988

Place of Birth: Nago, Okinawa

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 50 kg or 110 pound

Profession: Acting, Singing, and Modelling

Biography: She started her career with the play “Kita Ku Tsuka Kohei Gekidan.” She acted in movies like Chakusin Ari, Crows Zero, Subaru, etc. and in TV dramas like Iris, 1Pound No Fukuin. She is also an acclaimed beautiful Japanese Actresses in theaters of Japan.

Achievement: She got many awards like Golden Arrow Award (2007), Nikkon Sports Drama Grand Prix (2009), Bvlgari Brilliant Dream Award (2008) and much more.

9. Ko Shibasaki

Kou Shibasaki - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 5th August 1981

Place of Birth: Toshima, Tokyo

Height: 1.6m

Weight:  54 kg or 119 pound

Profession: Actress and singer

Biography: Her debutante movie was the cult classic Battle Royale. She also played in movies like Tokyo Raiders, Kakashi, and Go. She has two musical Koh+, Galaxies! and also published single albums like, “Trust My feelings.”

Achievement: She has won awards like Hochi Film Award, Japan Academy Prize, Junpo, etc. for amazing acting skills.

Follow her on Instagram: @ko_shibasaki

8. Yuko Takeuchi

Yuko Takeuchi - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 1st April 1980

Place of Birth:  Saitama, Saitama

Height: 1.62 m

Weight: Not Available

Profession: Actress

Biography: Yuko Takeushi started her career as a Japanese actress in the film Innocent World (1998). Soon she got to act in several movies like Ring (1998), Yomaegeri (2003) and so on. Her last movie was The Inerasable (2016) which was a box office hit. She endorsed top brands like Suntory, Shiseido, Epson, Eneos, Jomo in Japan.

Achievement: She has received many awards and prizes from many prestigious places like Hashida, Movie Walker, Osaka, Nikkan sports, etc.

Follow her on Instagram: @yuko_takeuchi0401

7. Misaki Ito

Misaki Ito - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 26th May 1977

Place of Birth: Iwaki, Fukushima

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 48kg

Profession: Acting and modeling

Biography: Misaki Ito is one famous and renowned beautiful Japanese Actresses. She acted in movies like About Love, Umineko, nine souls, Judge on The Grudge and many more which are international hits. She also played in TV dramas like Hotman2, Otoko, etc. and also became the Asahi Beer “image girl” under the contract of Cancam magazine.

Achievement: In 2017 she won the Japan Academy Award for the category of newcomer of the year.

6. Nanako Matsushima

Nanako Matsushima - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 13th October 1973

Place of Birth: Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture

Height: 1.72m

Weight: 55kg

Profession: Acting and Modelling

Biography: Matsushima is mainly a Japanese TV actress but has performed in movies also like Ring and Ring 2 which is famous all over the world. In 2011, she acted in the drama Kaseifu mo Mita later which got the view rating of 40% making it another highest rated drama of all time.

Achievement: She got nominated for the best actress for the Award of the Japanese Academy for Howaitoauto and Ringu.

5. Hitomi Kuroki

Hitomi Kuroki - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 5th October 1960

Place of Birth: Kurogi Machi, Yame District, Fukuoka

Height: 1.62m

Weight: Not Available

Profession: Actress

Biography: Kuroki was cast in Takarazuka Revue, belonging to the Moon Troupe (Tsuki). She provided the voice of Helen Parr/Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible in the Japanese version of The Incredibles. Kuroki played characters in different films like Lost Paradise (1997), Dark Water (2002), Tokyo Tower (2005) and much more. She had her directorial debut via Iya Na Onna (2016).

Achievement: She got the best actress award in the 22nd Hochi FilaM Award for Paradise Lost.

Follow her on Instagram: @hitomikofficial

4. Koyuki

Koyuki - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 18th December 1976

Place of Birth: Zama, Kanagawa

Height: 1.7m

Weight:  47 kg or 102 pound

Profession: Actress and model

Biography: Koyuki’s most acclaimed appearance was in Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s 2001 film Pulse. Her first international debut was in The Last Samurai where she played Taka, as the wife of a samurai, played by Tom Cruise. She also worked in Blood: The Last Vampire live-action film starring Jun Ji-Hyun, where she showed her skill as the arch-villain and also appeared in many television dramas like Beautiful Life, Engine etc.

Achievement: She got nominated for best actress for Always San-Chôme No Yûhi. In 2004 she got the best actress award by Nikkan Sports Film Award.

Follow her on Instagram: @koyoox

3.  Yukie Nakama

Yukie Nakama - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 30th October 1979

Place of Birth: Urasoe, Okinawa Prefecture

Height:  1.6m

Weight: 45 kg

Profession: Actress, singer, and idol

Biography: She did small roles in her earlier days. Until she appeared in “Love & Pop” (1998) and later got the lead role in “Ring 0: Birthday (2000)”, which gave her career a big break. Later, she starred in several TV Dramas, like “Trick (2000)” which exhibited her talent in comedic roles.
However, the top rated TV series “Gokusen (2002)”, she established her as one of most bankable and beautiful Japanese actress. Her other notable movies include Trick Movie, Shinobi: Heart Under Blade and Oh Oku.

Achievement: She got nominated for the best actress in Japan Academy Prize (film) for her role in Gokusen(2002), Gokusen 2(2005), Kao (2003), Trick 3 (2003).

2.  Sayuri Yoshinaga

 Sayuri Yoshinaga - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 13th March 1945

Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan

Height: 1.57m

Weight: Not Available

Profession: Acting

Biography: Since her appearance in the radio drama “Akado Suzunosuke” in 1957 she has become one of the most famous Japanese actresses. She entered into a contract with the Japanese film production house Nikkatsu and played the lead role in many of their movies.
In the 1970s and 80s, she also participated in TV serials, talk shows, reality shows besides movies. She had endorsed companies like Sharp Aquos, and Kagome. Her performances in movies like Foundry Town, Ohan, The Makioka Sisters, Kabei, etc. was commendable.

Achievement: This veteran Japanese celebrity has ten national awards to her name. Japan Record Award (1962), Hochi Film Award (1984), Japan Academy Prize (2001) are some of her achievements.

1.  Norika Fujiwara

Norika Fujiwara - Beautiful Japanese Actresses

Date of Birth: 28th June 1971

Place of Birth: Nishinomiya, Hyogo

Height: 1.71m

Weight: 72 kg or 158.7 pound

Profession: Actress, reporter, and model

Biography: Fujiwara worked for several years as a model and as an international journalist and spokesperson. She was an ambassador of Japanese – Korean friendship during the 2002 FIFA World Cup. She reported from the 2004 Olympics in Greece and had gone to Afghanistan and hosted a photo exhibition there.
Until 2006, Fujiwara was a guest announcer and interviewer for K-1 kickboxing. She also played a leading role in the live-action film Great Teacher Onizuka opposite to Sorimachi Takashi.

Achievement: She became Miss Japan in 1992 and the exclusive model for CanCam magazine.


These are some of the most talented and popularly acclaimed beautiful Japanese Actresses. Their beauty and charm have the power to give the fight to the top Hollywood actresses only if they get the equal publicity and platform.

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