Top 10 Asian Countries with The Most Beautiful Girl

Since the beauty of human existence is the most important point in human life. We are all more beautiful and our time to look young and do not avoid spending most of our money, especially beautiful women who have a constant battle between the races. For now, we are looking for Asian countries and the most beautiful girl there. Though this entire world is full of beautiful & cute faces but it is very important to have inner beauty which would care for humanity.

Beauty cannot be quantitatively compare with any other country. As we all know well, there are several countries across the globe with amazed beautiful women. That includes all the European countries, few Asian countries, Australia Continent as well as American Continent. But here we are going to introduce you with the top Asian countries having most beautiful girls out there.

Top 10 Asian Countries with The Most Beautiful Girl

10. Philippines


Philippines is one of those Asian countries which is famous for producing Miss world & Miss universe in Asia. The girls here have a very healthy beauty Filipino with tanned and muscular bodies. If you look closely you will see, Women of this country have a Pleasant smile. Moreover, most of them can communicate in English, which suggests the exotic cultural integration & greatly diverse culture. The girls here are very fun loving and possess a good sense of humor.

9. Vietnam


Readers voted Vietnam as this Asian country produces a pure & honest woman with strong cultural & moral values. Vietnamese Women are gifted with a feminine charm which is very hard to resist. They are not shy but very gentle and knows very well that how to treat men. These girls probably second only to the Philippines by their soulful eyes, natural, bright, white skin tanned in the North. It is said that “The beauty of Vietnamese women is from inside out”. They are beautiful not only in appearance but also in moral sacrifices for their husbands and children.

8. Japan


An Asian Country that is not only famous for its culinary culture, beautiful scenery but also is home to the most beautiful nymph Asia. The girls in this country are very pretty and elegant. They have a beautiful face which is perfectly natural, very few people undergo cosmetic surgery as compared to Korea. There are many netizens who said “You can easily see any pretty girl in Japan from a group of students, at work or even the maid”.

7. India

Very large and diverse country with the long-standing culture of this multiethnic and obviously one of the cradles of world beauties. You can find here, one of the most beautiful girls in Asia. Men can easily attract towards their big eyes, and deep-long lashes, high nose, and shaped brown skin. Beside Indian health, both south Indian (dark skin) and North Indians (Skin white) are experts on their skin problems and can resolve on their own up to much extent. Beautiful cast “glitter” is also one of the factors to the success of Bollywood cinema.

6. Indonesia



Like Japan, the beauty of girls in this Asian country is also very natural, without any cosmetic surgery or makeup. The girls in this country are very smart, friendly and gracious. In Indonesia, there are many ethnic groups and each group carries its own beauty. You can also encounter the colorful girl with olive skin, black or brown.

5. Taiwan


Taiwanese girls are too cute, friendly and dynamic. You can see the beautiful girls everywhere in the country, starting from TV shows to the girls walking on the road. These girls are very trendy with the fashion and know perfectly how to carry themselves out. They know how to makeup when go to a party and even in real life, they can attract every view of the opposite sex.

4. Thailand


Though Thailand is an aesthetic favored nation but the girls in this Asian country are just fabulous. Thai women accounted for the majority of women leaders in the world and hence we can say, these are the most beautiful girls. They are very smart, flexible in behavior and possess a great love towards humanity. Thai girls resemble a beautiful breed of South East Asian girls.

3. South Korea

South Korea

Korean women have the advantage of smooth white skin and slender physique. It is not necessary that women born in this country would always be beautiful in appearance, but by the time they understand how to use the supporting tools which can enhance their beauty. These tools may be religious clothing, behavior and communication. A clean environment also creates a sense of freshness in their beauty.

2. China


There is no strange, if beauty of China is included in this list. They are very soft skin, white toned and cute faces people. But they are much more than cute faces, the Chinese girls are very smart with high level of intelligence. The large area of the country & the highest population in the world makes it easier for anyone to search for beautiful queen anywhere inside the country.

1. Laos

This Asian country also has a great beauty collection in the bag. The beautiful women of Laos seem more beautiful when they dance in their traditional form. Unlike in old days, the scenarios have changed now, Laos girls now look more pristine and pure. You can find a traditional girl as well as a fashion loving girl both. The women here are very hardworking and they love to spend their time with the family.


There are many beautiful people in every part of the world, but it is known that some countries and nations have most beautiful girls as compared to the other places. Every woman is beautiful in unique way, but in accordance with generally accepted standards, there are a few that stand out from the crowd and produce a remarkably conspicuous amount of beautiful women. In the above article, you can find most beautiful girls in Asian Continent. It doesn’t mean the beauty is restricted to the Asia only, still it’s true that beautiful women are found in every country of the world.