Andre Ward Net Worth 2022 – How much is Andre Ward?

With his hard work and success, Andre Ward Net Worth is something that deserves jotting down. The fact that he is one of the best pound-to-pound boxers means that he is good at what he does. Having been a professional boxer for more than two decades, how much did he accumulate up to the time he retired? If you are interested in knowing that or you are a die-hard fan who likes all his life details at your fingertips, there is a way to find out just how much Andre Net Worth is. Continue reading!

Andre Ward Net Worth 2022

Andre Ward Net Worth 2022 - Andre Ward Net Worth

Andre Ward is a retired professional boxer well-known as a world title holder of various championships. Having started his career in 1994, he retired in 2017. Between 1994 and 2004 Andre was playing amateur boxing. Then, he debuted his professional career in boxing in the year 2004 and continued doing so until he announced his retirement in 2017. Having fought 32 professional matches and many more before that without losing even a single one that must have earned him quite a lot. In 2015, Andre Ward began acting. With the great record and other sources of income, the only thing that may not be in the light is Andre Ward net worth and his life details. The good thing is that this article will take care of all that. Check it out.

Biography & Wiki

Biography & Wiki

Andre was born in 1984 on 23rd February as Andre Michael Ward. He was born to Frank Ward as well as Madeline Arvie Taylor. He was born together with his brother by the name Jonathan Ward. Ward was raised by Virgil Hunter, his godfather. What else did he have for a choice when his parents sunk into substance abuse? The relationship between him and his godfather is still intact up to date and remains his trainer as well.

Andre was a student at Hayward High School, East Bay.

Ward and Tiffiney who was his high school sweetheart tied the knot in 2009. Ever since, the couple has welcomed four children comprising three sons and a daughter. Their names are Amira Ward (daughter), Malachi Ward, Micah Ward as well as Andre Ward Jr. He and his family reside in Danville, California. Ward is a staunch Christian and for that reason often visits youth facilities, prisons as well as schools. While there, he inspires them through his story as a way of giving back to the society.

How much is Andre Ward Net Worth? How much is his income?

How much is Andre Ward Net Worth? How much is his income?

Andre Ward net worth is about $8 million. He has made a lot of it through his boxing career. There is another amount that he has earned by portraying characters in various films. Below are the details of his earnings.

How did Andre Ward amass his wealth?

How did Andre Ward amass his wealth?

His amateur career kick-started in 1994 and by February 1998 he had not lost to a single soul. In 2001 as well as 2003, Andre was the U.S. National Champion in the middleweight category. He was also the winner of the Under 19 National Champion. When concluding that sector of his career, he had 115 wins and 5 losses.

Ward debut in the professional career was in 2004 on 18th December with a fight against Chris Molina. The welcome was a good one given the fact that he won that match. His record of professional boxing is impressive because he has had 32 fights and he won all of them. 16 were by knockout, 15 by decision and one by disqualification. Andre Ward has played against many prominent boxers. They include Sergey Kovalev, Alexandra Brand, Sullivan Barrera, Edwin Rodriguez and Chad Dawson just to mention a few.

His fight against Sullivan Barrera earned him $1.85 million while that of Sergey Kovalev earned him a career-high $6.5 million. That and other wins that he got when he was a boxer has significantly contributed to his current net worth.

At the age of 33, Ward decided to no longer fight claiming that his body could no longer bear the struggle that came with boxing. Fans and friends came to learn about his decision via his website in 2017 on 21st September.

Andre debuted in acting in 2015 with the role of Danny “Stuntman” Wheeler in Creed. He was a heavyweight boxer in the sports drama mentioned above. The film is a spin-off of Rocky.

Awards & Achievements

Awards & Achievements

In 2004, Andre Ward won a gold medal in the year’s Summer Olympics in the category of Light Heavyweight. From 2005 to 2015, he earned titles such as unified World Boxing Association (WBA) (Super), Ring magazine, World Boxing Council (WBC) as well as lineal super middleweights. Ward held many other titles including unified WBA (Undisputed), World Boxing Organization (WBO), International Boxing Federation (IBF) and last but not least Ring light heavyweight in 2016 and 2017. According to the Transnational Boxing Rankings Board (TBRB), he was not only the world’s best active boxer in the pound for pound but also the world’s best active boxer in the light heavyweight division. The Ring magazine has seconded TBRB in the former while both The Ring and BoxRec has affirmed the latter.

Ten things you need to know about Andre Ward

1. A visit to a gym together with his father when he was only nine years old marked the beginning of Andre’s career as a boxer.

2. His father was an Irish born American while his mother was an African American.

3. Andre did not register a loss between 1998 and 2004 when he was pursuing his amateur career.

4. Ward began amateur boxing in 1994, and his professional career started in 2004.

5. As far as his professional boxing career is concerned, Andre Ward did not lose even a single match.

6.  Since beginning boxing professionally, he fought 32 fights and as earlier mentioned, he won all of them.

7. The wins were 16 by knockout, 15 by decision and one by disqualifications.

8. Ward announced his retirement in 2017 on 21st September retiring at the age of 33. That was after 23 years of boxing.

9. His moniker is S.O.G. meaning Son Of God.

10. He had a chance to meet boxer Andre Dirrell when he was only 17.

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